Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is a document that covers the privacy concerns and issues regarding the usage of any service or product. Here on Zain Tech, this page is regarding the privacy policy of Zain Tech for the users who visit our website and interact with our online content.

Here, by the privacy policy, we mean all terms and conditions that are applicable to the user and to any third party visiting our website and making the use of our service. Hence, the policy defines the terms and conditions for the use of our services and the use of the private information of the users.

Privacy Policy

In this Policy, the term "We" means the authority or the administration of Zain Tech, and the word "You" means anyone who is using our website or other liked services. The word "Third Party" refers to any party other than "We" and "You". It might be Google or any other partner.

Importance of Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is crucial to convey and publicize the terms and conditions and all other rules to the users of this website. These rules are important regarding the usage of this website. Without a privacy policy, private information, the fair usage of services and the role of the third party and its interaction with user's information will be unclear. So, as part of the fair usage of services, a privacy policy is required.

Your personal Information

As part of our smooth and stable services, we collect some of your personal information. This information is required for various functions like targeted ads, user-specific services, geo-specific services and other things.

Which information we may collect?

The information that may be collected through cookies or other sources includes:

  • your browser history
  • your email address
  • your country
  • your gender
  • your interests
  • Your name etc
But that doesn't mean that we collect all this information at once. We may collect any piece of the information as and when required?

Why We collect this information?

The sole purpose of this information is to provide you with targeted and customized services. We may use this information to keep contact with you. We may also use this information to provide you better services. There is some third party interactive content on our website. These third parties may collect and use your information for advertisement purposes. The following third parties may collect your personal information on this website.
  • Google Double Click
  • Google Adsense
  • Google Analytics
  • DART Cookies
  • Facebook
These third parties use the cookies for the following purposes:
  • To shows you relevant ads
  • To collect user matrices to help us understand our traffic
  • To secure and safeguard your personal data
  • To give you user-specific services
Hence for better understanding of which and how your personal information is collected and used, We recommend that you also read the privacy policy of Google  and the privacy policy of Google Adsense

Security of your personal information

The security of your personal information is well defined in the policy. As we follow all policies of Google. So, you must first have a look at the privacy policy of Google and see what terms and conditions are followed.

Now let me tell you that you can also disable specific information to be collected. If you are not interested in targeted ads, you can change the Ads setting any time right from your browser.

We assure you that we will not sell or leak your personal information to anyone that is not concerned with our services. We will not use your personal information in any activity that is not relevant or for any purpose that is illegal or harmful fo you.

Terms of Usage

1. All the information we collect will not be handed to any third party that is not relevant to our services in any case

2. The sensitive information like your credit card number, home address and phone number is not collected otherwise is very crucial

3. As we have networked with other third-party vendor and websites, we may have link to their services and websites, so you must read their own privacy policies on their websites to get an in-depth understanding of your rights and information.

4. You can opt-out any third party services any time

5. This policy may change any time without prior notice to you so it is your responsibility to read this policy when you visit us next time.

In addition, you can know more about us on our About Page and if you have any concerns and queries, visit out Contact Us page