WhatsApp introducing message reaction feature soon

 We have already enjoyed reaction feature on messenger and Instagram. Now WhatsApp is also going to add this feature in its app. The users will now be able to react to the messages in chat history. WhatsApp will add various reaction symbols in its message reaction base.

WhatsApp has recently made many interesting changes to its famous social app. WhatsApp has recently added 'disappearing messages' feature, 'Group features' playback speed feature for voice messages and others. So, the company is targeted to achieve maximum user social experience.

WhatsApp new message reaction feature use

The company has also added a + sign on the bottom right corner of the messages. The users will be able to press the + sign to load reaction emojis. We also saw many other recent developments in the WhatsApp. The use of social media is increasing day by day as new users are joining. 

There is a huge competition among all social media giants like WhatsApp, messenger, Instagram, twitter, Facebook and other apps like these. Every company is trying to bring innovation, modernity in its products. New features are being added day by day to all the social media apps.

Whatsapp being the most used chat app, is adding new and new features. The users are really giving positive feedback to the company. User are liking the new features being added to Whatsapp in 2022. 

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