Why are Google & Facebook Banned in China

Google is banned in China, Facebook is banned in China, Netflix is banned in China, even Wikipedia is banned in China, but WHY?

Why did China Banned Google and Facebook

We have listened that Google and many other famous companies are banned in China. Those websites and apps are banned in China which we think are useful and use in daily life. Why China is banning everything in their country? Let's find the answer. 

Why did China Ban Every famous app

Why Google is Banned in China

Initially, Google was created on September 4, 1998, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were students of Ph.D at Standford University. Google launched its modified version in the Chinese language on September 12, 2000, in China. 

In January 2006, Google launched its Google News site in the Chinese language. People of China were using Google happily. Google continued to become famous and popular in China day by day, but Why banned?

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China banned YouTube

In March 2009, China banned Google's famous and most used product YouTube. This was due to only one video being published on it. The video included footage showing that Chinese security forces were beating Tibetans. 

Chinese Government did not want to show the video because they think that this was their own matter, no other country should watch this, but YouTube at that time had shown the video to many.

Ban of all Google Products

Google Mail (Gmail) and Google Chrome were completely banned in China in 2014. The internet queries were completely ended in China. People were trying to use Google and search on it, but Google at that time had gone. 

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Why did China Ban Facebook?

The question is still that why other famous companies like Facebook and Wikipedia are banned in China? Do all these companies have done some mistakes like Google? 

The answer is No! The main reason for the ban of a large number of famous companies in the Security wall of China, called Firewall of China. Chinese Government has some very strict rules for foreign companies if they want to work in China. If the companies follow the rules and regulations, it exists and if not, it is banned simply.  

FireWall of China

The main and biggest reason for the ban of  Google and other famous companies like Netflix, Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook is "The FireWall of China".  Chinese Government wants the data of its population. So, they demand this thing from Social media Companies like mentioned above. 

Companies like Facebook and Whatsapp have end-to-end encryption. They do not allow the use of their user's data. The Government wants complete control over its people. But companies deny it. This is the main reason for the ban of popular companies in China. 

The Great Firewall of China

Companies are banned due to the strict rules of THE FIREWALL OF CHINA. There are always the rules and policies of the government of China in the way of famous companies. 

Don't Chinese use YouTube & Facebook?

Another big question is that do Chinese not use Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube, and other amazing apps and websites like Wikipedia in their daily life, Have they left everything on the internet?

The answer is no definitely. The people of China chat with each other, they watch and publish videos and scroll like we do on Facebook and YouTube. But they always have an alternative for that. 

Alternatives of Google & Facebook

China is a big country. Its people are creative enough to create useful apps and sites for them. They banned Google Play Store and created alternatives like "Mi Store, Huawei App Gallery, and etc", they banned YouTube and have an alternative "Youku" in China. 

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They banned Google and have an alternative "Baidu", they banned Whatsapp and have an alternative "We Chat" similarly, they have found solutions to every problem regarding the internet. 

Alternatives of Banned Apps & Sites in Chin

Company  Status  Alternative
Google Search Engine Banned Baidu
Whatsapp  Banned We Chat
YouTube  Banned Youku
Amazon  Banned Alibaba
Spotify  Banned QQ Music
Instagram  Banned Xiaohongshu
Google Maps  Banned Baidu Maps
Twitter   Banned Weibo
Google Chrome   Banned UC Browser 
Uber   Banned DiDi 
Paypal   Banned Ali Pay 
Google News   Banned China Daily 

This was the complete story of China and banned apps in China. Hope you found accurate and efficient information from us. Keep visiting. 

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