How to block all ads from Websites

Opened Search Engine to access any website, You are in hurry and do not want any disturbance, and finally, lots of ads are popping up and showing on your screen. What an unwanted thing it is. We don't want to watch ads but the Browser and Search Engine want to show you. 

Block all ads from Websites

Before going to the solution of ads, confirm that you are irritated which type of ads. There are two types of ads that are shown to you. One that Google shows you whenever you open any website. The second type of ad is the notifications that websites send you. 

How to block All ads from websites

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Sometimes, the notification ads are very bad. They are irritating and show irrelevant things on the screen and you obviously do not want to see them. Let's find the solution to Notification ads

Block Notification Ads

Whenever you visit a site, they show you a message that "they want to send you notifications", and ask for your permission. You looking at the content of the site allow the site to send you notifications, they may be helpful for you in the future. But what is it? They are showing irrelevant and bad ads which you don't wanna see. 

To block Notification ads in Google Chrome, follow these steps:

  1. Go to 3 dot button in top right corner in chrome 
  2. Click Settings 
  3. In the left menu, click Privacy & Security
  4. Click Site settings 
  5. Scroll down and go to Permissions 
  6. Click Notifications 
  7. Check the default behavior or 
  8. Check list of sites you allowed to send notifications 
  9. Click the site you don't like 
  10. Go to notification and Click Block 
This was the solution of Notification ads. Now find the solution to all types of ad shown by  Google. The method is helpful on YouTube and all other platforms. 

Block Google Ads 

What is meant by Google ads? Google ads are shown everywhere you open any site. You watch ads on YouTube, you watch ads on different websites. Let's find their solution. 

The simple and most useful way to get rid of all types of ads is to change your browser. What ??? Changing the browser can remove the ads...! Yes. 

You have listened to the name of Brave and DuckDuckGo browsers. They are privacy focusing browsers. They do not track you to show ads like Google and Youtube. You can open Google, and YouTube through these mentioned browsers. 

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They block the ads which are shown before the video on Youtube and block ads on different websites. They are very good browsers for watching videos and browsing websites without any type of disturbance. 

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