List of most used Search Engines in China

Do you know that Google is the most used Search Engine across the world, but not in China, Why?

China has banned famous and most-used apps and websites like Google, Wikipedia, and Facebook. And you may have opened this article using Google.

2021's most searched things in world

Chinese Products

China is a large and productive country. China is making industrial revolutions to increase its revenue and other related things. China is banning and leaving all the things which are out of their country. Chinese want to use their own products. 

Most used search engines in China

Chinese not only make products and use them, but they also export and urge others to purchase them because they are worth buying. 

The Google of China (Baidu)

China has made its own Search Engines but the most used Search Engine is Baidu. Baidu is a multinational tech company that is becoming expert and famous in Internet usage in China. Baidu is also called The Google of China. 

China has banned many apps and websites that are used by the whole world. They use their own technology and do not rely on others thoroughly. China is not using Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and other such famous sites. Why did China ban Google?

Search Engines in China 

As you have come to know that China is not relying on Other's products So, they have made their own search engine too. But, only Baidu is not used in China. There are some other browsers used in china even they are banned by the Government of China. 

Popular search engines progress in china

Let's know about the %age usage of different search engines used by the most populated country China. 

1- Baidu

Baidu is the most used and most famous search engine in China. Chinese found ease in using their own browser and they do not like to use other search engines like Google and Bing.

According to a Survey in November 2021, Baidu has the greatest market share in search engines. Baidu's search market share is 68.12%. It is considered the most popular search engine in China. 

2- Google

Everyone is aware of Google. Google is the most popular and famous search engine around the globe with the largest number of its users. Google is not only the search engine but has become a big company that now own YouTube and many other apps. 

Google is the second most used search engine in China according to the survey in November 2021. Google has a 23.59% Chinese market share. Google users in China are increasing day by day. 

3- Bing

Bing is another popular browser used by many people. Bing is a product of a famous Microsoft company. Bing is not much popular and famous in China but some of its population use Bing as a search engine. 

Google of China , Baidu

Bing has a 1.30% Chinese market share. And Bing is at number 3 in China. Bing users are not increasing significantly. Bing has to work hard to get a large number of users. 

4- Yahoo

Yahoo was on the list of very earlier search engines in the world. But now old people use this search engine. Even many of the people in the new generation even do not know what is Yahoo. 

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Yahoo is at number 4 in China and has a market share of 0.64%. Yahoo could have more users if it had updated itself earlier. 

5- Naver 

Naver is a South Korean search engine. In South Korea, Naver is used the most as Baidu is used in China. 

But some of the Chinese also use this search engine to access the internet. Naver has a 0.16% market share in China. 

There are many other search engines used in China, but we have discussed the popular search engines which have the most Chinese users. 

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