How to find your Website Competitors

A very famous Pakistani freelancer and blogger Hisham Sarwar says that "You cannot win a battle if you do not know your competitors"

Ways to find your Competitors

Today every business is shifting from offline physical business to online business. To get notified and to rank your business online you must have sound knowledge about your competitors. What they are doing and how they are doing?

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Today, I am not here to tell bookish talks and normal usual words. You will know how to find and identify your competitors practically. I will share a tool with you, that will show you everything about your website and about your competitor's website.

How to find your website competitors

These are the major steps to identify your Website's competitors.

1- Identify your Website

How will you find your competitor if you even don't know your website thoroughly? You have to first identify your website's category and main keywords on which your website is standing. If you know your website, it is the first good step in identifying your competitors.

2- Identify your Audience

The Second Step is to identify the audience, you must know that your website is targeting which type of people? If you know this then it's good and you are on the edge to find your competitors.

3- Tool to Expose your Competitors

Let's come to the final thing which is a tool that will help you to find your competitors. The tool is a website, this website just asks for your domain name only and will tell you everything about that domain.

The tool's name is Similar Web, now you have come to know about the tool and now you can explore everything, but wait,
  • how to use this?
  • What are the precautions?
  • Is it available for everyone?


First of all, go to, and on the search bar write your domain to be analyzed. After analyzing, it will tell you the Company name, its Headquarters, and its category.

Overview your and Your Competitor's website

It tells Global Rank, Country Rank, and Category Rank. It tells you Total Visitors per month, Bounce rate, Pages per visit, and Average view duration of a page.


This website also gives you a monthly overview of the traffic on your website and shows the traffic parameters in the shape of graphs.

Know your Audience


This is the main section for which we have created the post and now the 3rd section on the website to identify and know about your competitors secretly. 
find your Competitors

The website shows you Competitors or Similar websites if you scroll down. You will be able to see the competitors of your website. It does not matter from where they belong to. They are similar to you, so they are your competitors. 

Sources of Traffic

After showing the competitors of the website you have searched and analyzed, it will show you where this website is getting traffic, if you have searched your own site, it will tell you that your audience is coming from here. 
Sources of traffic to your website

It tells that you are getting traffic from direct, referrals, or searches. Best apps for College Students


Backlinks are the major and the most important thing in the ranking of a website. You can now check from where you have gotten the backlinks and if you search your competitor's website, it will tell you the backlink data of your competitors easily. 

To know more such information, keep visiting our website. 

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