Top 5 Unique Launchers for Android Phone

There is a list of Top 5 Unique Launchers for Android Phone. These launchers are really very unique because of there look and feel. 

They provide you another type of appearance and advanced animations. You can enjoy these launchers for Fun looking and for Futuristic looking. 

Unique Launchers for Android

This is list of the best and unique launchers for android smartphones. You can apply any launcher in android smartphones. We recently made a list of 

But these launchers are another type of launchers. Which are unique in their look and features. Must try these and wonder others by making your phone advanced. 

Unique Android launchers

1- Renegade launcher 

Renegade Launcher is very popular launcher due to its very small size. It has a size of less than 1MB. So that it is included in our list of :

Top 10 apps less than 1MB. 

Renegade Launcher is an animated launcher which gives you smooth scrolling and smooth animations on taps and scrolls. 

You can see all the apps in the app drawer which is very simple. All the effects and animations you will feel on Home Screen. Animated app scrolling, unique way of gestures with animations and very small size make this launcher very unique. So that it is included in our list of Unique launchers.  

2-Bubble launcher

Bubble launcher shows its work by its name. Bubble launcher is one of the unique and minimalistic launchers. 

Bubble launcher shows all the apps in your device in the shapes of bubbles and gives you a feeling of bubbles at your App Drawer

Actually, this launcher is simply a ln App Drawer only. Your apps look very funny and cute. You can scroll to every dimension, your apps will be shown in a very unique and interesting way. 

You can also change the background behind the apps. This will allow you to change this colours of background. Must try this launcher, because it is unique and added in our list of Unique launchers. 

3- Circuit Launcher 

Circuit launcher is one of the amazing and most liked launchers. Circuit launcher gives you a futuristic look and a type of hacking screen as hackers use. 

This launcher is same as we see in scientific movies and shows. This shows you A home screen with Clock, Map and home screen apps in a unique way. 

This launcher comes with many themes, you can change the theme at any time you want. This launcher shows the app drawer in a list view. Download this launcher and enjoy this futuristic look. 

4-Alpha Launcher 

Alpha Launcher is a very unique launcher which gives you a Futuristic look and feel. You will see the amazing animations and interference in this launcher. 

Alpha Launcher shows you amazing and attractive user interface with cool animations. The Home Screen gives an amazing effect when you scroll or tap. It shows home screen with time and Apps. 

You can add the apps to home screen by dragging the app to the icon of home. This will add your app to home screen in a circular way behind the clock. 

It has a futuristic app drawer. App drawer looks amazing and attractive while dragging. Its not like other launchers. You can also customize everything visible in the launcher. 

5- AIO Launcher 

This AIO Launcher is an amazing launcher for those who want something new to their smartphones. This launcher gives you an interesting look. 

AIO Launcher doesn't have Icons...! Amazing! Yes This launcher doesn't have icons intentionally. This launcher shows you many things at home screen. 

A very minimalistic look at home screen and everything looks fine but a new look to your phone. Must try this launcher for once to checkout its amazing effects. 

So this is the list of Unique and interesting launchers for Android smartphones. You can also suggest us more if you know. Thank you for visiting. 

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