Top 10 Best Websites to Learn New Skills

Need to learn new skills but don't know where to start? The world wide web can help you learn about anything. Online tutorials are great because you can learn at your own pace. You will be able to watch videos about the skills you are interested in. The internet has thousands of free instructional videos. You can also find free ebooks online.

Educational apps for students

There are thousands of educational websites online. However, most of them are not actually educational. You will need to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. Here is a list of the Top Ten Educational websites to learn new skills on the internet.

Best Websites to Learn Skills

Websites to learn new skills, online courses for free

We have made a lost of Top Ten best websites to learn skills effectively and free of cost. Some of the websites mentioned below are also offering Certificates. You can learn many modern and in-demand skills for free.

The list is random, so feel free and read about every site carefully.

1- YouTube is among most visited websites. Youtube ranks at #1 in its category worldwide. Youtube gets 35B+ views.

There are many creators on Youtube. They provide you quality education for free. Youtube give money to the creators, so the creators produce quality content to educate their viewers and to generate more money from youtube.

You can learn everything from youtube. There are dozens and dozens of channels for each category. You can learn

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Graphic Designing
  • Video Editing
  • Cooking
  • Teaching
  • Languages

and everything you want to learn for free. There are many good creators on Youtube who publish great videos daily, and weekly. You just need to explore the channels.

You can not only learn from Youtube but also can Make a new channel and can teach others. You should also publish good videos to get famous and to teach others.

2- edX

Edx is another amazing website which is providing many useful courses for free. Edx occupy courses from great and well-known universities of the world like :

  1. MIT
  2. Harvard University
  3. Berkeley University of California
  4. The University of Texas System
  5. Boston University
  6. University System of Maryland
  7. Australian National University
  8. Curtin University
  9. TuDelft
  10. Georgetown University
  11. Rwthaachen University
  12. Sorbonne University
  13. The Hong Kong polytechnic University
  14. The University of ADELAIDE
  15. The University of British Columbia
  16. The University of Queensland
You can take a course for free if you select Free Audit of it. The only lackness of it is that you cannot get a certificate and cannot contact the teachers directly.

You can learn from the professors of these amazing and popular universities across the world. Every course is prepaid professionally by the experts. There is a variety of courses on Edx. You can learn about:

i- Computer Sciences

There is a trend and scope of Computer Studies. People are learning about AI, machine Learning, Programming and many more course on Edx for free. In the Computer Studies you can learn deeply about :

  • Azure
  • Blockchain
  • C programming
  • Devops
  • Django
  • Full Stack Development
  • HTML
  • Python
  • Java
  • Java script

ii- Languages

You can also learn about different languages spoken across the world. There are some popular languages available on edX, and people can start learning the languages for free now.

  • Chinese
  • English
  • ESL
  • Grammar
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • Sign language
  • Writing

iii- Data Sciences

Different courses for data science learners are available for free. You can learn about :

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Python
  • Cloud Computing
  • Computer Programming
  • Data Analysis
  • Data mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Power BI
  • Quantum Computing

iv- Business Management

Business is everywhere. Many surveys show that young people of this century are business minded and they prefer business over an ordinary job. So, you can learn about business management.

  • Business Administration
  • Business analysis
  • Corporate Finance
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Finance literacy
  • Leadership
  • Project management
  • Statistics

v- Engineering 

You can learn about the following Engineerings in deep and details on edx very easily. 

  • Aerospace
  • Biomedical
  • Chemical
  • Civil 
  • Computer
  • Electrical
  • Industrial
  • Mechanical
  • Software
  • Structural

vi- Humanities 

There are also many courses available for humanities. Such types of courses are not available everywhere on every site. You can learn deeply about : 

  • Art 
  • Child development
  • Epidemics 
  • History 
  • Fashion 
  • Public Speaking 
  • Literature
  • Human Anatomy
  • Psychology 

This is the variety of courses available on edx for free. Remember, if you want to earn a certificate, you have to pay for it. 

3- Udemy 

Udemy is another popular educational website which is very well-known across the world. The students from every country visit this site to take worth courses. 

Udemy has : 

40M+ Students 
65+ Languages
480M+ Enrollments 
180+ Countries 
7000+ enterprise customers

All the courses shown to you are totally paid...! Yes, but don't worry. 

You just need to search for the course you want to learn about. Then Udemy will show you many courses regarding your keyword you entered. The hack is that, you need to open the filters menu and then click Pricing and after that click free.  

If you follow the method told above, you will find many free courses on Udemy. 

There are three main categories on Udemy for learning the courses.

i- Design 
ii- Business
iii- Personal Development

There is no deficiency of courses on Udemy. There bundles of courses for free and paid.  On Udemy you can learn about these: 

  • iOS Development
  • Painting
  • eSports 
  • Graphic Design
  • Decluttering
  • Google Analytics
  • Harmonica 
  • Guitar 
  • Languages
  • Public Speaking
  • Algorithms
  • Machine Learning
  • Python

If you take a course for free you wouldn't be able to take the Certificate of that course. You have to pay for the certificate. If you don't require certificate, then go and learn for free.

4- Alison

Alison is among amazing and most significant educational websites in the world. Alison is offering you many many courses for free. 

All the courses on Alison are free. No paid courses. 

This shows the significance of Alison. Alison is providing free education to everyone on the internet. There are quality courses with videos free for you. 

Alison has : 

3000+ Courses 
20M+ Learners 
3.5M Graduates 
195 Countries 

Alison is offering courses of Following categories: 

  • IT 
  • Languages 
  • Sales & Markets
  • Management 
  • Health 
  • Business
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Personal Development
  • Teaching 

There are tones of Courses in IT, Business and each category. Not a Single course is paid. Every course is free. You can start your course in any category mentioned above at any time. Alison is available to whole word for free. 

You can also become an instructor at Alison. Teach the world if you have any speciality. You can promote yourself through Alison. And can enhance your teaching skills. 

5- MIT Open Courseware 

Massachusetts institute of technology is offering you great courses by highly qualified professionals and Experts in their subjects. 

You can Find many courses by category, by name , by department or by Course Number on MIT open courseware easily. You can learn deeply about these following aspects. 

i-School of Architecture & Planning

School of architecture and planning of MIT is offering you multiple online courses for free.

  • Architecture
  • Media Arts & sciences
  • Urban studies and planning

ii-School of Engineering

School of Engineering of MIT is offering almost all the popular engineering courses online for free. These are the subjects of engineering in MIT.

  • Aeronautics & Astronautics
  • Biological Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Engineering Systems Division
  • Health sciences & Technology
  • Data Systems and Society
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Nuclear Sciences
  • Material Engineering

iii-School of Arts and Humanities 

Arts and humanities are not taught everywhere. Such a special subjects are taught only some special sites and MIT is teaching these. 

  • Anthropology
  • Media writing
  • Comparitive media studies 
  • Global languages 
  • History 
  • Economics 
  • Literature
  • Linguistics and Philosophy 
  • Political Science 
  • Science and Technology
  • Women's and genglder studies 

iv-School of Science

In school of science of MIT, you can study these following subjects for free in online courses. 

  • Biology 
  • Brain Science
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

v-Other programs

There are also some other programs available on MIT's website for free. These are also in video type and online courses. 

  • Physical Education
  • Concourse 
  • Edgerton Center 
  • Experimental Studies 

There are also many Course available regarding Technology and Computer Sciences. Just explore them in this website. 

Such a great courses are available online for free by MIT. Start your learning today and become expert in any course of Studies. 

6- Code is an amazing website. Its name shows its purpose clearly. Code website is only for learning Code and Programming. You can learn everything related to computer programming from this website easily. 

Code is totally free website. 

Code website has : 

60M+ Students
27M+ students are Young women 
166M+ Projects created 
2M+ Teachers 

The above analytics shows the popularity of Code website. You can become a part of programmers on code. You can learn from professional teachers. You can use and create projects on Code website. 

I suggest this website to learn from beginning to advance about Programming languages. You can create projects and also can use other people's projects easily. You can take online video classes about web Development, app development, Artificial intelligence and many more. 

7- Code Academy

Code Academy is another famous website providing you facility of learning Programming and Code for free. Code Academy is a free website which is providing facility to learn many technologies, like web development, Data Sciences and Code Functions etc. 

Code Academy can teach you different programming languages which are very popular and important for every Computer Science student to learn new technologies. 
  • Python
  • Html , CSS 
  • Java script
  • C#
  • SQL 
  • Java
  • C++ 
  • R
  • PHP 
  • Ruby 
  • Swift
  • Go
  • Kotlin 
  • Bash / Shell 

These are well-known programming languages across internet and you can do many courses of programming on Code Academy like : 
  • Web Development
  • Data Science
  • Computer Science
  • DEveloper Tools 
  • Machine Learning
  • Code Functions 
  • Web design
  • Full Catalogue
  • Beta Content
  • Roadmap

On Code Academy, lectures are free but Certificates are Paid. 

8- Google Digital Garage

Google digital Garage is another quality plateform to learn new skills in other words in-demand skills for free. 

Google is a very famous company and it is very nice to learn from Google. Google will teach you many courses for free. There is no any subscription here. 

You can learn these skills on Google Digital Garage for free now: 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Online Business 
  • Advertisements 
  • Self Promotion
  • Coding 
  • Productivity
  • Basics of Machine Learning
  • Digital wellbeing 
  • Effective networking 
  • Business Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Basic AI 
  • AI elements 

And many more crash courses are available for you for free. You can also earn a certificate for free from Google. 

To get a certificate from Google Digital Garage you first have to complete the Course, then Attempt an exam of 40 questions and pass it successfully. After that you will be granted by a Certificate. 

9- Open Culture

Open culture is a website which is providing various online courses for free. This is an educational website as well as an entertainment website. 

Open culture is providing you thousands of free books, Courses, text books, audio books and Also Movies Dramas for absolutely free. 

On open culture you will find : 

1700+ free online courses 
4000+ free online movies 
1000+ frew audio books 
300+ language lessons 

These amazing things are not available everywhere. You can find these only on open culture. 

The special thing about open culture is that, its courses are from other websites like Edx, and udemy. But it takes you to only on free courses available on different sites across the internet. 

So, this helps you to find free courses on multiple websites. So that you can avail yourself from education.

10- Memrise  

Memrise is a website as well as an App also. You can avail yourself from both. Memrise is an amazing website which is specifically designed for Learning Languages. 

You can learn popular languages from thia website. Don't consider this light. It is an amazing website which teaches you 20+ languages spoken across the world. 

Memrise has : 

23 Languages 
60M+ Students

This teaches you phrases and idoms and sentences of different languages. It make you able to speak forigne language fluently like natives. It gives real life examples to make the language easy to learn. 

These were some popular and trusted websites to learn new skills for free. You can also suggest us other websites which are no included in this list in comment section. 

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