15 Incredible Ai Apps and Websites

If you're looking for a list of the best AI websites and Apps. we made this guide for you. We've searched and observed, we've looked for the key points and we've compared the criteria we think you should prioritize.

Ai Platforms

Artificial intelligence is getting really popular lately. AI is being heavily used for facial recognition. There are many AI applications that are currently being used. AI has demonstrated that it can handle some problems that humans find difficult to solve.

Best Ai Photo Editors

Ai is now everywhere. Ai is in your machines and devices. Ai is using your Mobile Camera to take better photos and Ai is in your mobile software to Talk with you. And many other uses of Ai are here. 

Best Ai Apps 

We have made a list of Wonderful Artificial Intelligence apps which are very helpful for you in different aspects of life. Let's explore Ai apps.


Copyhat is an amazing and Newly published app on Google Play Store. Copyhat is an Ai based app that is especially for typing purposes. 

Copyhat can generate awesome text for Articles and Emails with 0% plagiarism. The data produced is 100% unique and interesting. 

Copyhat can generate the following things with the help of Artificial Intelligence. 

  • Conversation Opening Texts 
  • Creative Replies 
  • Insights Generator
  • Ai Horoscopes
  • Blog Intro 
  • Tinder Bio 
  • Test Questions
  • Factual Answers 
  • Email generator 
  • LinkedIn Summary
  • Sentence Rephraser
  • Startup Ideas 
  • Catchy Titles 
  • Sentence Completion

Such type of great things can be generated by using Copyhat app. This app is really amazing at it generates 100% unique content for You for different purposes. Must try this. 

2- Replika Your Ai Friend

Replika is an Ai based chatting app. It's like your Artificial Intelligence friend which knows everything like a man in the street. It has 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store. 

Replika , Ai friend

Replika app is an amazing chatting app. Chat anything at any time and about anything. Your Ai friend will be your real-life friend. 

It is relaxing, Stylish, and Playful to you according to your mood at the time of Chat. You cannot only chat with Ai's friend but also can call and talk with it. Must try this. 

3- Google Translator

Google is a well-known brand across the world. You know it, because Google is on your mobile phone. Where Google is providing tones of services to its user, there Google is providing Translation facility. 

Google Translator is an App and also a Website. Which is totally free of cost. It can translate from any language to any language. It detects the language of a given text and translates it to the selected language. 

Download the app and there are two sections one is Detected language, and another is selected language. You can also use a Microphone to speak directly and translate it. 

4- Caption Ai

Caption Ai is an Artificial Intelligence app that generates captions for your pictures. You can take a picture by using the inbuilt camera option in the app or also can import pictures from the gallery. 

Caption Ai

It looks at your image and suggests some captions for your picture. It has 15000+ captions for you. You can absolutely use them freely. 

It also generates relevant #tags for your images for Facebook and Instagram. It is also a #tag generator. Must try out this to save time and get Ai experience. 

5- Envision 

Envision Ai is an app that uses Artificial Intelligence to tell the colors, to tell the persons it has seen before, and to read the text from any surface. It can even read Hand writings. 

Envision Ai

You can also take the picture of the text and it can convert it into text and then you can also listen to the text instead of reading it. It is useful for listening to the newspaper. 

Envision Ai also recognizes the person. The person you wanna save into it, just take 5 pictures of him and then save him by a name. Next time when it will see that person it will tell his name. 

6- Wysa

Wysa is a chatbot that is helpful in stress and anxiety. Wysa has proved itself to be the Best Mental Health app on Google Play Store. 

Wysa says that 93% of users find it helpful in stress. It does creatively chatting with you. You can be in any mood, you just need to start the chat, the Ai based app will understand and give suggestions. 

It also gives you sleep stories for meditation and relaxation. This app is made for relaxing stressed and anxious people. 

7- Snapchat

Snapchat is a very popular app that has crossed 1B downloads on Google Play Store. Snapchat's name is suggesting its purpose and that is Snap and then Chat

Snapchat Ai app

Snapchat gives you two facilities. One is to take awesome selfies and pictures with tones of interesting filters and effects and then you can set stories. 

Snapchat is also a chatting platform. You can chat with anyone who has Snapchat on his phone. Snapchat has also a feature of short videos like TikTok. 

Snapchat uses Artificial Intelligence to apply filters to your pictures. It recognizes the human face and applies different filters and effects accordingly. 

Best Ai Websites 

There is a list of the Best Websites based on Artificial Intelligence. These websites are very much helpful in different aspects. Everyone must try these. 

1- Copy.ai

Copy.ai is an Artificial Intelligence-based website that does the same work as we discussed for Copyhat app

This website is awesome for generating useful paragraphs and answers which are interesting and creative. 

This website uses Artificial Intelligence to produce plagiarism-free paragraphs and does a lot more things. You can get name ideas and title ideas from this. 

Copy.ai is an amazing website to get a plagiarism-free text from Artificial Intelligence. This helps you to write blogs and for social media very quickly. 

2- Hotpot.ai

Hotpot is a multitasking website which is providing tons of new facilities for you. It uses Artificial Intelligence to edit your photos. 

ai photo editor

Hotpot can restore your old photos, it can Colourize your black and white photos, it can make the art from pictures and many more things for Photo Editing. Ai is being used behind this. 

Hotpot also provides you the facility of making Banners, Facebook and Instagram post templates, and Logo designs for your channel or company. Must try this out. 

3- This Person doesn't Exist

This website's name is strange. This is an Ai-based website that gives you a Picture every time when you open the website and the website claims that the person in the picture doesn't exist in the world. 

This is an Ai based website and uses Artificial Intelligence to generate a human's picture. The human pictures are made by Artificial Intelligence and these people are not in this world. Amazing...! 

4- Grammarly

Grammarly is an extension and a keyboard app. Every keyboard has Artificial Intelligence in it. But Grammarly is the best one in its category. 

It helps you to write efficiently. It recognizes your mistakes while writing/typing English. It gives you suggestions to make the sentence and word correct. 

Grammarly uses Ai to identify the words and sentences whether they are written correctly or not. Must try this while writing blogs and social media posts. 

5- Deep Nostalgia 

Deep Nostalgia is also well-known as My heritage. This is an Ai-based Website and App. You can use this in an interesting way. You may have not seen such a great site before. 

This website animates your photos by using Artificial Intelligence. You can take a picture and make a video from that. Your faces in the pictures are recognized by Ai then they are animate like smiling

This website is here because it uses Artificial Intelligence to make the pictures real. It enlivens the pictures and it seems that the old people or new are before you watching you. 

6- NameLix

Namlix is another amazing website based on Artificial Intelligence. Actually, it used to produce names for your brand. 

Name lix

You just need to give it some keywords and it will try its best to generate user names for your brand. It produces awesome and interesting names based on the keywords you have entered. 

Use this site to get Ai-based names for your YouTube channel, Facebook page, or company.

So these are some best Ai based websites and apps for free. You can use them easily anywhere and anytime. 

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