Top 10 Best Wallpapers Apps

Wallpapers and Backgrounds are the things that change the look and feel of your mobile. An old phone looks very unique and modern if you have applied wonderful and Amazing Wallpaper. 

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Wallpaper Apps 

Wallpaper Apps have become very popular. People want to have bundles of Wallpapers in their phone at one place. 
Best wallpaper apps

We have made a list of 10 Best wallpaper Apps for Android. These wallpaper Apps can give you wonderful Wallpapers everyday. The list includes apps which have: 

  • HD wallpapers 
  • 4K wallpapers 
  • 4D wallpapers 
  • Amoled & Black wallpapers 
  • Wallpapers by Categories 
  • Live wallpapers 
  • Liquid wallpapers
You will be amazed by these extraordinary and unique apps for wallpapers of different categories. 

The list is made by looking at the number of Downloads on Google Play Store

1- Wallpapers (by Google LLC) 

Wallpapers (by Google) has 

  • 100M+ downloads on Google Play Store. 
  • 1.4MB of Size 
  • 4.1 stars rating 
  • 184k+ Reviews 

Google is a famous company which is providing many useful apps. Wallpapers by Google is an amazing providing wallpapers of various types. 

You can set wallpapers for both Home and Lock Screen. You can find wallpapers through different categories in Wallpapers. 

Note : This app is available for Android 7+ Devices only.


2- Zedge 

 Zedge wallpaper apps has : 

  • 100M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 23MB of Size 
  • 4.4 stars rating 
  • 8M+ Reviews 
Zedge is a popular apps on Google Play Store for getting wallpapers, ringtones, sound effects for Alarms and Notifications and many more things for free. 

On Zedge you can find: 

  • HD wallpapers
  • Live wallpapers
  • Ringtones
  • Sounds effects
Install Zedge app to get free wallpapers, backgrounds, ringtones and sound effects for free to give a new look to your phone. 

3- 4D Wallpapers

4D wallpaper App has : 
  • 50M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 21MB of Size 
  • 4.1 stars rating
  • 522k+ reviews
4D wallpapers are amazing in look and feel. Every time when you shake your phone or rotate your phone, the wallpaper moves. The moving wallpapers with motion of mobile produce a beautiful look. 

This app will give you amazing wallpapers of different categories and 4D wallpapers are available in a large number. Go and download 4D wallpapers. 

4- Pixel 4D 

Pixel 4D has : 
  • 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 7.1MB of Size 
  • 4.4 stars rating
  • 568k+ reviews 
Pixel 4D is also providing you best and amazing wallpapers with depth. 4D wallpapers are available in a large number. 

This app is providing you Live wallpapers, Amoled Colourful background, Vivid and deep wallpapers. Amazing app with amazing backgrounds. 

5- Darkify

Darkify app has : 
  • 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 72MB of Size 
  • 4.5 stars rating
  • 110k+ reviews 
Black wallpapers (Darkify) app is very popular app on Google Play Store. It is mainly providing Dark wallpapers. 

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Amazing dark and colorful Neon wallpapers are available on Darkify app. You can get Glowing wallpapers in darkness with unique look for free. 

6- NoxLucky 

NoxLucky wallpaper app has : 
  • 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store. 
  • 31MB of Size 
  • 4.5 stars rating
  • 608k+ reviews 
This app is amazing in customisation. You can apply different wallpapers and backgrounds like other apps but in this app you will find many customisation options regarding wallpapers like : 
  • Video to Live wallpaper 
  • Tiktok to wallpaper 
  • Make custom wallpapers 
  • 4D wallpapers
  • Change wallpapers on schedule
  • Apply filters on wallpapers
  • Set wallpapers to Call Screen 
This app is best in its own. You must try this app to get everything at one place. 

7- Walli

Walli wallpaper app has : 

  • 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 14MB of Size 
  • 4.6 stars rating
  • 778k+ reviews 
Walli is a good wallpaper app which is full of different categories and endless collections of wallpapers. You can find wallpapers of various types like flowers, landscape, abstracts and etc. 

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Walli wallpaper has a feature of Automatic wallpaper Changer. You just set the duration and the wallpapers will change automatically with the same frequency. 

8- 4K Wallpapers

4k wallpapers app has : 
  • 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store.
  • 12MB of Size 
  • 4.6 stars rating
  • 11k+ reviews 
  • 12000+ wallpapers 
4k wallpapers App is the best in its category. I like this app because it contains all the qualities which are mentioned in above apps. 

This app has a feature of Edge Lightning, which is most interesting. You can get 4D and Live wallpapers too. There is a section of Popular and Trending wallpaper section. 

Automatic wallpaper changer feature is also available in 4k wallpaper app which makes it very interesting. Everything is available at one place. 

9- HD wallpapers (Backgrounds) 

HD wallpapers (backgrounds) app has : 
  • 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 6.5MB of Size 
  • 4.4 stars rating
  • 92k+ reviews 
HD wallpapers app is very significant for wallpapers of various types. You can download wallpapers and can apply on screens. 

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Automatic wallpaper changer feature is available in this app. Wallpapers are updated daily on regular basis. You can browse all categories of wallpapers in this app. 

10- Fluid Simulation Free

Fluid Simulation app has : 
  • 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 14MB of Size 
  • 4.7 stars rating
  • 239k+ reviews 
This app has not bundles of wallpapers. This app has only 1 wallpaper. And that is a Live wallpaper. You just customize and change 1 wallpaper to multiple wallpapers. 

This wonderful app is suggested by many big youtubers to have fun looking Mobile screen. This is the most amazing app, you must try this app. 

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So, these are the best apps to download and apply Various types of wallpapers in Android. You can enjoy these wallpaper apps. 

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