Top 10 Best Launchers for Android

Are you looking for the Best Launcher for Android Phone. There are bundles of free Launchers for android smartphones on Google Play Store. Every launcher has different features and options.

Best Android Launchers

A good launcher should not be : 

  • Buggy 
  • Heavy 
  • Less Secure 
  • Distracting 

Best Launchers for Android

We have collected data of some important Launchers for Android. These launchers have special features in them. You can try any of these. These launchers are : 

  1. Lightweight 
  2. Customizable 
  3. Fast 
  4. Clean 
  5. Supported by your phone

There are millions of launchers on internet that you can try on your Android phone. But we have made a list of Best Launchers for you. These launchers are huge useful.

A Luncher is like a new OS in your phone which handles everything in a new way. It can slow down your phone, but we have fast and efficient launchers in the list. 

 This is the list of the best launchers for Android Phones.

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1- Nova Launcher 

Nova launcher is a powerful and fast launcher. Nova is the best launcher, if you want to customize your phone as you want, then Nova launcher is here for you. 

Nova Launcher has : 
  • 50M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 1.3MB of Size 
  • 4.4 stars rating
  • 1M+ reviews 

Nova Launcher is the best way to Customize your Home Screen. Nova comes with different features like Custom icons, different icon shapes, and App drawer. 

Everything that is visible on your screen is now Customizable with Nova Launcher. App drawer settings, Home screen settings are available for you. 

Nova Launcher is a favourite launcher of many people just because of its smooth running and bundles of features. 

Gestures of all types are available in Nova Launcher which helps to keep your phone according to your preferences, but these are paid. 

2- Microsoft Launcher 

If you want full customisation of your phone, then Microsoft Launcher is available for this. Everything is designed professionally for users. 

Microsoft Launcher has : 
  • 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 14MB of Size 
  • 4.7 stars rating
  • 1M+ reviews 

Microsoft Launcher shows you personalized news according to your browsing history and location, as it shows in MS Edge in windows 10. 

You can apply both Light and Dark Mode on your phone. There is a option of Blur Effect gives you awesome look. There are bundles of free Gestures available for you. Set the gestures according to your preferences freely. 

You can change Home Screen settings, the icons are customizable. You can change sizes of Folders and icons. You can change the shapes of them. 

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3- Poco Launcher 2.0

Poco Launcher 2.0 is suggested by many big YouTubers. Poco launcher is fast and efficient launcher. It is very popular launcher among different users. 

Poco Launcher has: 
  • 50M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 17MB of Size 
  • 4.4 stars rating
  • 547k+ reviews 

Poco Launcher provides you Light & Dark modes. And the special thing is that You can change the opacity of Dark mode. If you want to try Xiaomi feel in your phone then you can try Poco launcher. 

Everything is Customizable like icons, home screen, and App drawer. It has facility of inbuilt Themes & Wallpapers in it. Every theme gives a new look to your phone. 

Poco Launcher runs faster than before. It doesn't slow down your phone. It can arrange your apps in different categories. You can also arrange apps according to colours. 

4- Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 is highly recommended launcher by many experts. Smart Launcher 5 is highly customisable launcher. 

Smart Launcher 5 has : 

  • 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 12MB of Size 
  • 4.4 stars rating
  • 562k+ reviews
Smart Launcher 5 has fully customisable home screen. Everything is at your home screen. The Apps are Categorised automatically

Smart Launcher 5 has special feature that the launcher colours are changed according to your Wallpapers. It creates a seamless effect. 

Smart Launcher 5 supports grid less widgets. You can drag your widgets to any length or height not considering grid. 

Different shapes of icons are available. You can customized icons according to your preferences. In Smart Launcher 5 Gestures of all types are free. 

But remember! All features of Smart Launcher 5 are not free. Some are paid. 

5-  AWD Launcher 2

AWD Launcher 2 is lightweight and minimalistic launcher which is available for customisation of your Android device. 

AWD Launcher 2 has : 

  • 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 9.4MB of Size 
  • 4.2 stars rating
  • 183k+ reviews
AWD Launcher 2 has everything customizable like other launchers. You can customize home screen and icons. You can add widgets and can also customize them. 

AWD Launcher 2 supports 3rd party icons. AWD Launcher 2 has many more apps for its support on Google Play Store. 

The Special thing in AWD Launcher 2 is that Themes are available. You can apply different types of Themes to give a new look to your phone. 

AWD Launcher 2 is like Nova Launcher. Everything is like Nova launcher. 

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6- Lawnchair 2 

Lawnchair launcher is one of the lightest and fast launchers. Simple customisation options are available in this launcher. 

Lawnchair launcher has : 

  • 1M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 4.8MB of Size 
  • 4.3 stars rating
  • 31k+ reviews 
Lawnchair launcher is recommended by many experts just because of its lightness and fast loading. It is not so heavy that it slowdown your device, it is quick in response. 

Lawnchair has Dark and Light Modes in it. You can customize your home screen by adding Widgets and applying different font styles. Gestures are free and available. 

You can change icons and can also use 3rd party icons by downloading from Google Play Store. You can customize Dock and App drawer easily. 

7- Alpha Launcher

If you want a futuristic look on your Android device, then Alpha Launcher can do this easily. Awesome App drawer, and Cool Home Screen is waiting for you. 

Alpha Launcher has : 

  • 1M+ downloads
  • 13MB of Size
  • 4.6 stars rating
  • 30k+ reviews
Alpha Launcher shows your home screen apps and Clock at home screen in a very different way. The way it shows the icons, app drawer and animations it gives a Feel of Future. 

You can customize your home screen with the help of themes and wallpapers available in the Alpha Launcher. 

Alpha Launcher show ads when you are online.

8- APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher is a Safe and Secure launcher that guarantees your privacy. It provides you bundles of new settings to your phone. 

APUS Launcher has : 

  • 100M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 23MB of Size 
  • 4.5 stars rating
  • 5M+ reviews 
APUS Launcher provides you multiple settings to customize your home screen. You can add different Animation Styles for Home Screen scrolling. 

APUS Launcher provides you Endless Themes and HD wallpapers. Every theme is free of cost a gives a new look to your phone. Every theme comes with different colours and icons.

You can also apply Call Screens for individual contacts using this theme. App Locker and Hide app features are present in this launcher for you. 

This theme shows ads when you are online.

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