Ai Photo Editors - 5 Best Photo Editing Apps based on Artificial Intelligence

This is an era of Artificial Intelligence. Mobiles are coming with inbuilt Ai cameras. There are a lot of Apps that have Ai in them. 

Best Photo Editing Apps 

Artificial intelligence (Ai) is spreading in the world very swiftly. Nowadays, Mobile apps are coming with Artificial Intelligence. The filters, face effects and other editing techniques you apply may have Artificial Intelligence. 

Ai Photo Editors

An AI app is a type of software that automatically edits a photo by itself. An AI app generates a photo with a specific style after analyzing a lot of photos with that same style. 

0MB apps 

It can be pretty cool to try out an AI photo editing app to see what kind of photo it generates. In this article, I introduce you to some of the most well known AI photo editing apps on the market.

Best Ai Photo Editing Apps

In this article we have collected the Best Photo Editing Apps for every smartphone. You can edit your faces, and can play with different features available in each photo editor. 

Ai Photo Editors

1-Face App

Face app is the most famous app on Google Play Store for its Ai work. It is at #2 in the Photography category now-a-days. 

Face App has : 

  • 100M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 28MB of Size
  • 4.6 stars rating 
  • 3M+ reviews 
Face App is an Ai based app which first recognises your face by using Artificial Intelligence. After that it transforms it accordingly step by step. 

Face App can change the Expressions of the Face. A normal face can be transformed into a Smily face using Artificial Intelligence. 

Face App has another feature for what it became very popular across the world and that is Age Changer. It can make a Young into Old and Old into Young

Face App recognises the human body and separate it from the Background. Thus you can change the Background and can apply different one. 

There is also another feature of Beard, you can apply different styles of Beard on the faces. This app is a normal photo editor too. You can apply filters and magic effects like other editing apps. 

2- Gradient 

Gradient, Ai Photo Editor is another famous photo editor based on Artificial Intelligence. This app doesn't only change the faces, but also have some unique styles for editing. 

Gradient, Ai Photo Editor has : 

  • 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 55MB of Size 
  • 4.5 stars rating
  • 238k+ reviews 
Gradient, Ai Photo Editor is also a selfie editor, it can make your face very beautiful and pretty by using filter and effect that have Artificial Intelligence in them. 

Like Face App, it also gives you some unique styles to apply on face. It can make a Young into Old. And also Old to Young. And it also provides different styles of faces. 

Cartoon apps are becoming popular, so this app also has a feature of Cartoon making. You can convert a simple face into 3D cartoon very easily. 

You can apply different Filters and Effect ls to your photos to make something Gradient and Elegant. Make stunning photos by using Gradient. 

3- Remini 

Remini is a famous Artificial Intelligence app. This app doesn't changes the faces, doesn't Make cartoons and doesn't apply beauty filters. It just Correct your images. 

Remini App has :

  • 50M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 37MB of Size 
  • 4.6 stars rating
  • 1M+ reviews 
Remini app is made to correct the images. The broken images, pixelated images, Blurry images, White and Black images and other images. 

You can sharpen Blurry photos by remini. The old pictures of your forefathers or ancestors can be made very clear and clean by using Remini. 

Remini can Colourize the Black and White photos very easily. You can also enhance your photos of all kinds very easily. 

Remini is an automatic photo editor, you just give it your picture and it will do its work by showing you one ad. You can also buy its premium version.

4- FaceLab Photo Editor 

Facelab photo editor is made for the people who want to enjoy the photo editing. You can make a Male into Female and vice versa. 

There are many more features available in this app. You can Make Cartoon of the photos, you can make Old into Young and also Young into Old very easily. 

Facelab app has: 

  • 5M+ downloads on Google Play Store 
  • 20MB of Size 
  • 4.1 stars rating
  • 80k+ reviews 
Facelab app has many Effects like Cartoon, Painting, Zombie, and Memoji making. Just apply different filters to your photos, it will recognise everything by Artificial Intelligence. 

5- Voila Ai Artist

Voila Ai Artist photo editing app is made for only two purposes and people like these two very much. 

1- Cartoon making
2- Beautification

Voila Artificial Intelligence Artist making app has multiple features to make cartoons from a simple flat picture. 

Voila Ai Artist app has : 

  • 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store
  • 42MB of Size 
  • 4.5 stars rating 
  • 98k+ reviews
You can also make beautiful Young to Old and Old to Young easily. You can apply different old and new Filters for Painting effect. 

You can transform your pictures very easily by Using this app. You can make cartoons of different types and with different expressions.

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So, these were some popular and Best Ai Photo Editors for Smartphones. You can now edit your photos very quickly and easily.

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