10 Best Websites to learn English Grammar

Top 10 Best Websites to Learn and Practice English Grammar. Best ways to learn English for Communication and Writings. 

Why to Learn English

English is an international language. Everyone has to learn English to communicate with others at international level. Internet has made the world a Global Village. If you are at social media or on internet then you are at international level. You are reading this post in English because it is on internet and is for everyone in the world. 

Best Way to Learn English Grammar Free

When we talk about learning something nowadays, first idea that comes in our mind is learning it free and learning it online and learning it at home

These days you can learn everything online by staying at home. You can learn English, Grammar, Content Writing and many more things online. So it is better to learn online and practice by taking exams. 

Website to Learn English Grammar 

Websites are the best way to access information on internet. Everything you search on Browser is shown in terms of websites. So there is a list of Top 10 Best websites to learn English Grammar Free. 

1- My English Pages 

MyEnglishPages.com is a websites that is providing you the facility to learn English Grammar with great accuracy and in a complete easy way. 

My English Pages website is teaching "Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking and Writing".  This website is teaching Grammar by "Tenses, Clauses and Other Grammar Points". 

This website is starting teaching English from a very basic level. It is teaching you 

  • Tenses
  • Parts of Speech
  • other Grammar Points 

On this website you can solve difference Exercises to revise and clearing your concepts of English Grammar which you learnt. 

2- Ego4u

Ego4u is an amazing website which is teaching not only English Grammar but Advance level of Vocabulary. This website has a facility of Business English Speaking and other English language points in it. 

You can learn Grammar, Vocabulary, and study tips from this website. This site provides you Tables and Diagrams of Tenses.  These diagrams and tables don't let you confuse between 2 tenses. You can understand and remember concepts easily. 

This website also covers all basic to advance Grammar topics like parts of speech and other grammar points to speak and write English well. 

3- Englisch-Hilfen

Englisch-Hilfen.de (in other words "English Help") is another website to learn English Grammar quickly and easily. 

On this website you find options of "Vocabulary, Tests, and English in Free time". You can also get tips to learn English in a cool easy and comfortable way. 

This website has covered many technical Grammar Points like 

  • Conditional Sentences
  • Parts of Speech
  • Tenses
  • Model Verbs. 

Special thing in this website is that you find a lot of games available for you to make Grammar Practice. You can learn a lot more by doing different exercises by playing games. 

4- English Grammar Secrets 

EnglishGrammarSecrets.com is a website which is revealing Grammar Secrets (from its name). 

This Website is a Blog which is containing everything about English which you wanna learn at basic to intermediate level. 

Tenses, Business English, grammar points and much more. Go to this site and start learning in an easy way. 

5- Learn English by British Council

Learn English by British Council is a famous website which is providing its services for a long time. It has a special thing in it and that is the difference between Beginner and intermediate and advanced person in English. You can select basic to intermediate level of English on this site.

This website is teaching you different uses which are very significant in English. It is teaching you about 

  • Clauses
  • Tenses
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Conditionals
and many more things. You can find posts regarding differences between British and American English on this site. 

You can learn Business English, Vocabulary, Writing, Listening and Speaking in English. This website is full of English for all type of content for all ages even for children. 

You can also attempt an easy test of English to know where are you standing in English, at basic, at intermediate or advanced. 

6- Grammar Monster 

Grammar Monster is not only a website, they also have their YouTube channel. You can learn from both or anyone which you prefer.

On Grammar Monster you can learn 

  • Glossary
  • Punctuation
  • Common mistakes in English
  • Vocabulary. 
You can also take a simple test to know your knowledge of English. 

You can learn by A-Z Grammatical terms, A-Z word errors, A-Z confusing words and etc. The confusing words are like Pairs of words. 

You will be able to watch their video through their website. Before every tern the link of YouTube is given. So it is easy to switch. 

7- Using English 

UsingEnglish.com is another amazing website to learn about English language. Special thing in this website is that it has two categories Students and Teachers . The Students and Teachers both can learn from this. Select your category and enter the site. 

Yo can learn Simple 

  • Grammar
  • Idioms
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Irregular Verbs 
and much more. You can attempt short quizzes and Longer tests about English Grammar to practice English Learning. 

You can also browse about 

  • Direct Indirect Speech
  • Parts of Speech
  • Prefixes and Suffixes
  •  Punctuation
  • Vocabulary 
  • Literature in English

This website also publish many articles about English Grammar and How to learn English. These articles are very much helpful in Learning English. Must visit this website to get huge knowledge of English. 

8- Perfect English Grammar

Perfect English Grammar is a website with neat and Easy User interface (UI). Everything available in this website is present on the Landing page of website.  

This website offers 

  • Conditionals
  • Modal verbs
  • Grammar exercises
  • Grammar Explanation
  • Direct Indirect Speech
  •  Passive Voices
  • Tenses

You can learn many more things like regular and irregular verbs and parts of speeches and other grammar points. 

The special thing about this website is that everything is downloadable.  You can learn online and can also download the notes and all data appearing on website. It is very much helpful in making notes and Sharing data with you family and friends. 

This website contains informational data about English language and providing it free. But if you want to learn extraordinary English, you can Purchase their paid Courses available on the website. 

9- English Teacher Melanie 

English-teacher-melanie.com is an English blog. This blog can help you in storing 
  • vocabulary 
  • learning new phrases 
  • Sentences to speak like a native. 

This website also includes the reading tips and many more information about English language. You can go and explore this website to be efficient in English Grammar and in Speaking English. 

10- Quick Dirty Tips 

Quick dirty tips is an amazing website to learn everything. This website is not only for English. The students of Maths, Physics, Chemistry can also get help from this website. 

  • Educational tips
  •  Parenting tips
  •  Pet tips 
are provided here. This website is helpful in Learning English and all other subjects. 

You can learn different tips about English and many informational tricks to become like a native in English. Everything is explained in a good way. Just go and learn.


So, This is the list of best websites to learn about English grammar, and punctuation, and Speaking and Writing. The numbering is in random way, so, feel free to choose any of these. 

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