Jazz Weekly SMS Package

Texting has now become easy with the weekly SMS package of jazz. Mobilink Jazz is offering 1500 SMS for a complete 1 week. 

Jazz Weekly SMS package

Jazz is giving you a very great offer named "Weekly SMS & Whatsapp". Jazz has 1500 SMS and the validity is 1 complete week. You can now text 24 hours a week and can enjoy texting easily without any disturbance. 

Jazz Weekly SMS Package

Subscribe Jazz Weekly SMS Package

The subscription method of the Weekly SMS package is given below.

Subscription Code *101*1*07#
Subscription fee Rs-20 (incl. tax)
SMS 1500
Validity 1 week (7 days)

Un-SubscribeWeekly SMS Package

The un-subscription method of the Weekly SMS package is given below

un-Subscription Code *101*4*07#
Check Status *101*2*07#

More info

  • The offer is for 7 days 
  • Multiple Subscriptions are allowed. 

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