Jazz Weekly 10GB Internet Package code

Jazz is giving 10GB of internet data in just Rs/- 95 (incl. tax). Not only 10GB of internet data but unlimited jazz minutes. Let's try this super bundle. 

jazz weekly 10GB internet package

Jazz Weekly Work from Home Bundle

Jazz offers this cheap bundle for its users for work from home. Its validity is only in office hours. You can use this offer of 10GB internet for Rs-95 only between 8am-6pm. 

Subscribe Jazz weekly 10GB Offer

The subscription code of Jazz weekly 10GB offer is given:

Subscription Code *117*14#
Subscription fee Rs-95 (incl. tax)
Data 10GB + Unlimited Jazz minutes
Validity 1 week (8am-6pm)

Un-Subscribe Jazz weekly 10GB Offer

un-Subscription Code *117*14*4#
Check Status *117*14*2#

More info

  • Now you can use 10GB + unlimited jazz minutes the entire week. 
  • Offer is available only between 8am-6ppm
  • Multiple Subscriptions of this offer are valid. 

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