5 Best ways to Separate Vocals and Music from a song

Songs are a source of relaxation and enjoyment. Nowadays, songs are listened to everywhere in the world. Songs are such things, which contain music and vocals. There are many things as songs but they are named differently as Kawali.

Separate Vocals from songs

What if you are listening to a song and you are not liking the music of the song or vice versa. You are listening to a song and you liked the music of the song instead of vocals and you wanna remove the vocals and just want the music of that song. We are here with a short post on the topic “how to remove vocals from a song?”

This post has three parts:

Part 1: What is the difference between Vocals and Music?

·         Part 2: Online Websites to separate Vocals.

·         Part 3: Apps to separate Vocals.

Vocals and Music

Vocals are the words of poetry. The words which you listen to in a song are the vocals of that specific song. The song is consists of poetry and music. The poetry in the song is named Vocals.

Music is the instrumental voice that causes relaxation and motivation. The music is played behind the vocals to make a beautiful effect for the vocals or to create an awesome song.

Best Websites to Separate Vocals from Song

These are the best websites to remove/separate vocals from a song. These websites are totally free. 

1-Audio Alter

Audio Alter is a website with tunes of features containing for users. The main thing is that all the features are available for free. You just need to click the vocal remover tool and insert your audio from the device. 
Your Vocals will be removed very easily. And will be available for you. 


  • Easily Vocals are removed. 
  • Many other audio features. 


After the processing, you will be able to download the music of the song very easily. 

2- Vocal Remover

VocalRemover.org is a website with completely simple interference. You just need to select the file from your device and just upload it. The website will upload it, encode it and Process it. 

The ending results will show you two tracks of Music and Vocals, You can listen to any of these two and can reduce or increase the volume. 


  • Easy to use and separate vocals.
  • It provides many other tools other than Vocal remover. 
  • Both vocals and Music is available to download. 


After the processing and separation of two tracks, two buttons with the name of Music and Vocals will show to you and you just need to click any of these two to download what you want. 

3- AIVocalRemover 

 The most simple UI this website has. Just click on Choose File and select the desired file from which you want to remove or separate vocals. Extract Vocals and music from a song with a single click. Visit AiVocalRemover to extract the music and vocals from a song. 

Artificial Intelligence will work to separate vocals and music from your song and awesome results will be shown to you. You will really enjoy the results. 


  • Easy User Interference. 
  • Fast and Accurate. 


After the processing has done, there will be two buttons before you on the screen, Download Instrumental and Download Vocals. You can download your desired thing totally free. 

Apps to Separate Vocals and Music

This is an era of Mobile and Mobile technology is emerging day by day. Most people like to use mobile apps instead of websites even they are made mobile-friendly. These are the best Mobile apps to separate vocals from a song. 

1- Moises: AI Music Editor +

This app has a 4.5-star rating on Google Play Store. Just install this app and import your audio into the app. This app takes few minutes to encode it and then it will show two or four tracks for you. 
These tracks are vocals and music of different instruments. You can listen and can download any of these. 


  • Easy to use.
  • Different instruments are available individually. 
  • Free and Downloadable.  

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