How to Create 8D Songs in Mobile

Have you listened to the word "8D Sounds"? If yes then its pretty easy to explain next, but if not then I explain 8D Audio now. 

8D Audio: 

8D Audio is the Sound Technology, 8D songs are different from Normal Songs. In 8D songs you listen the sounds coming from Left side of headphones 🎧 once and then it shifts towards Right side of headphones. 

The whole procedure explained below is explained in this video. You must watch this video on YouTube: 

Create 8D Audio in Kinemaster:

Kinemaster is the best ever video editor for mobile users. It contain many settings of videos and audios. You can play with Audio in Kinemaster. 

You just need to: 

  1. import your sound or Song in Kinemaster as an audio layer. 
  2. Duplicate the Audio Layer
  3. Add key points on timeline by tapping the timer 
  4. Create a wave using "Audio Envelop" feature on 1st audio layer 
  5. Create a wave with reverse order on 2nd Audio layer
  6. Your 8D sound is ready to be heard

These are the easy steps to create 8D audio. You can watch its full tutorial on Zain tech.  Also check these : 

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