3000 free Online Courses with Certificates in English

 As you know there is a lockdown due to COVID even in 2021. People are forced to stay at home. They cannot do anything. But we are here with an idea of learning.

 Do you want to study online? Or Do you eager to learn Some new skills ☺️. If yes, then you can be very much productive after lockdown or pandemic. 

Best Free Online Courses with Certificates

There are 3000 free online courses available right now. You can select any of these and can start learning very easily. These courses are in the English language, which means you can learn them internationally. 

3000 Free online courses with certificates

Note: All the Courses of all categories are totally free 

Categories : 

These are the categories of available courses, you can go with any of these according to your interest. 

1- IT 
2- Business 
3- Health 
4- Teaching 
5- Sales & Markets
6- Management 
7- Personal Development 
8- Construction & Engineering 
9- Languages 

All these courses are discussed in detail in this video. Check now! 

Free Online Courses 

As I have mentioned that these 3000 courses are online and also totally free of cost. You can also get Certificates if you take the complete lectures of a specific course. 

There are little in-depth details of mentioned courses. 

1- IT 

If you are interested in Information technology then choose IT and go to video lectures. You can start any course in IT. These are the main courses in IT. 

  • Management information systems
  • Retail management 
  • Computer Networking
  • Java 
  • Python 
  • JavaScript 
  • Engineering Graphics & Softwares 
  • Technical drawing 
  • MS Excel 
  • MS PowerPoint 
  • MS Word 
  • Cybersecurity 
There are many more courses than mentioned above. 

2- Business

If you are interested in Business then select the Business category and go ahead. These are the main courses in the Business category. 

  • Customer Service Skills 
  • General Data Protection Regulations 
  • Management System 
  • Executive Assistant Skills 
  • Diploma in Human Resources (HR) 
  • Fundamentals of Project management 
  • Risk Management 
  • Criminal Investigation
There are many more courses than mentioned above. 

3- Languages 

If you are eager to learn new languages especially the popular and famous languages of the world, then you have to go to the Language category and select the language according to your taste or the language you wanna learn about. 

The main languages taught here are : 

  • English 
In English language you can learn : 
  1. Basic English Grammar
  2. Intermediate Grammar 
  3. English Vocabulary 
  4. Tenses 
  5. Active and Passive voices
  • French 
  • Spanish 
  • Swedish 
  • German 
  • Japanese 
In japanese language you can learn : 

  1. Conversations 
  2. Scriptwriting
  3. Japanese phrases 
  4. Parts of Speeches 
  5. Basic Grammar 

4- Personal Development

If you want to learn about Personal Development, then choose the personal development and learn through different courses. The main available courses are : 

  • Parenting Skills 
  • Safeguarding of Adults 
  • Diploma in Depression 
  • Diploma in Physical Fitness 
  • Time Management 
  • Diploma in Professionalism 
  • Myths & Causes 
  • Meditation 
  • Psychology of Everyday life 
  • Political ideologies 

There are many more courses in different categories and you can easily select any of the courses by checking it and can learn from the professional teachers. 

How to take courses?

All the mentioned courses are available on a website named "Alison.com" you can go and sign up there free of cost. 

                              Sign up now! 

How do we get Certificates? 

To get a Certificate of a specific diploma/course you have to 1st take all the video lectures (recorded lectures) of that course. 
Then after completing the video lectures, you can solve the exercises of that course. After that, you will be able to claim a certificate. 

Note: Certificates are not free. You have to purchase them. Hopefully, they are not much expensive. 

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