Best Mobile Markets in Lahore with Contact Numbers

Today is the day of technology, we can say that there is no technology in daily life if the mobiles are not there. The most valuable thing available to a common man is Mobile today. Mobile has reduced the time wastage of man. It is the thing that is representing the technology for a man in the street. 

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Mobile Markets in Lahore  

Lahore the most famous city in Pakistan and it includes everything that a man needed in this technology era. There are various mobile markets in Lahore which are offering countless services with the best quality. We appreciate all of them, but today we are here with a list of the Top 5 best mobile markets in Lahore. 

Best mobile markets in Lahore

Best Mobile Markets 

If you are looking for a mobile phone or mobile accessories then you must visit these center mentioned below, because there everything is available in plenty and you will get quality things from these centers. Best Pizza places in Lahore

List of Best Mobile Markets in Lahore 

These are the best mobile markets in Lahore. 

1- Hafeez Center 

Hafeez center is a center that is only made for the technology gadgets in Lahore. There are many shops in this center which are available for new and used mobiles and computers. You can also get other essential accessories from this center. 

Hafeez center has 100+ shops only made for mobiles, and electronic gadgets. You can buy and sell your mobiles, laptops, and computers. You can buy used and new gadgets from this center. 

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2- Hall Road Market 

Hall Road is located at Hall Rd, Garhi Shahu, Lahore, Punjab. Hall Road is another most famous market in Lahore. People come from near and far in this market and see the products available there. This market is especially famous for mobiles and if I say specifically this is famous for used technology products. 

Hall Road is a very famous place for mobiles, You can get iPhones, Samsung, Qmobiles, Vivo, Oppo, and all other branded mobile phones. Hall road is consists of many shops for gadgets and electronic instruments. 



3- RT Links

RT Links is located at 6-Hibba tower commercial zone. Noor ul Ameen road،, Lahore. RT links is a complete market which is also offering mobiles and mobile accessories. The mobiles of all companies are available there. You can easily watch your smartphone on the shop of RT Links. 

You can select the mobile and can purchase it. The RT Links has got many positive reviews from the public. You can get the news from RT Links from their official page on Facebook. Click here to visit. 



4- Mirza Mobile Market

Mirza market is located at 16 Hall Rd, Garhi Shahu, Lahore, Punjab. Their slogan is "a good place to buy stuff related to smartphones and Electronic". This shows that this is a very nice and decent place to buy smartphones and accessories. 

 You can buy other electronic stuff from this market. This market is located in a rush area but you can get everything you want. This market is preferable for buying laptops and smartphones. 



5- Faisal Mobile Market

This is located at Block C 1 Faisal Town, LahoreFaisal Mobile market is another market to buy and sell mobile phones and their accessories. You must visit this site if you are looking for smartphones and electronic gadgets. 



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