Best Motivational Bollywood Movies for Students

Students need to be very inspired. Students want to study but they cannot because of laziness. Do you want motivation about study? You might have searched for best inspiring movies for the students.

Movies are a best source to be motivated in a minor time. You can easily watch the movies that we have listed up. These movies will tell you many lessons about study. They will motivate you.

Best movies for students


As I am also a student of FSc in Government College, I have watched all these movies so I am suggesting you these.

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Most of these movies are made in Hindi language, but you can also get dubbed movies in different languages.

Movies for Motivation:

Not All these movies made just for study motivation. These movies do not tell to study 24 hours. These movies tell you to study those subjects in which you are interested, to study with full concentration, to learn skills, do be very expert in your field, not to leave the way of study and etc. Any type of criteria does not list these movies, they are listed up randomly. You can watch any of these.

Best Movies for Students:

These are the best movies for students for inspiration. 

1- I am Kalam

I am Kalam is one of the best movies that gives you the best understanding of study. I am Kalam is specially made for those people who say that they do not have enough resources for study and they do not study.

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This movie shows the best scenes that 1st of all you must start studying. After that, you should think about the money or resources as well. To have a keenness for study is the lesson of this movie.

What I learnt from this movie:

  • You must have keenness for study
  • You must try to go to school in any condition
  • You will be successful one day

2- Hichki

Hichki is a special movie for both the students and teachers. Both can get inspiration from this movie. This movie is all about the hard work that a teacher should do and all the students should do.

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In this movie, there is a female teacher that is caught in a specific disease that is very annoying. No one likes that teacher, so she is not hired in any school or college. One institute where one teacher is absent hires her.

The movie mainly focuses on the method of teaching. How students want to study and how we are teaching them. This movie also focuses on the behaviors of the teachers and students as well.

What I learnt from this movie:

  • Do not be shy, if you are handicapped or etc
  • Hard work is a key to success
  • You are the story, focus on yourself

3- Faltu

FALTU stands for “Faqeer chand and Lakeer chand Trust University”. In this movie you are mainly told what you want to see. Yes, this movie is according to the students. This movie tells that if you pass the students at 33% marks then you must add students with 33% marks in your universities as well.

FALTU movie tells that you should study such things in which you are interested like music, painting, football, or many things like that. These subjects will attach you to study completely because you personally wants to study these, but the parents don’t care for you.

There are not only two fields of success that are medicine and engineering. We should consider other fields too. Let your child study what he want to.

What I learnt from this movie:

  • Don’t be so depressed
  • Study what you want
  • Convince your parents

4- English Vinglish

English Vinglish movie is specially made for a specific skill. English is an international language of present times. To communicate internationally we have to speak English language with others, so that others can understand us.

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This movie tells you that if you are teaching in good institutions then you must little bit knowledge of English. You must know ABC of English. So that you do not feel hesitation while talking to your children.

What I learnt from this movie:

  • Learn international language
  • Be upgraded as your children

5- 3 idiots

This movie is one of the most liked and most watched movies among above. This movie teach you many lessons that a student must know. This movie inspires to be perfect in your own field. 

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This movie tells you that if you are perfect in something, success will come to you automatically. Don’t run behind the success, just be perfect in your own field, success will come to you.

What I learnt from this movie:

  • Be patient
  • Be perfect in your field
  • Success will come to you soon.
These are some movies for the students of high schools, college and inspiration. 

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