Top 10 Best Websites to sell & publish ebooks online

Are you a writer and want to write a book or have written a book and you want to sell it online? Then you must have thought that how to sell and publish an ebook online? You can sell anything with the help of the internet and you should sell. 

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Everyone says that if you are perfect at something then don't do it free. You have earned all rights to make money by charging people for your work. If you are a champion of your work then you must share your knowledge with the world. 

Best websites to sell & publish ebooks

Sell & Publish ebooks

Internet is the best source to do anything. People are doing e-commerce nowadays by using the internet. The Internet has made the buy and sale process very easy. People can now buy ebooks very easily and now creates and writers also publish books on sites for the people to :

  • to get higher sales 
  • to get money 
  • to get fame  

What is an E-Book?

An ebook is an electronic book that can be read on electronic devices and can upload in electronic form. in short, an electronic book is called an ebook. 

The writers write all types of books and they publish their books everywhere on different bookshops and on different websites. If you have written a book and you wanna sell it then you can sell it on the following websites. Some websites take only 5% of your sales. 

Websites to sell & publish ebooks

These are the websites to sell & publish your ebooks. In this post, I have made a list of the top 10 websites to sell and publish your ebooks. 

1- Payhip 

Payhip is a website where you can sell your ebooks and other physical products very easily. Payhip allows you to sign up very easily then start selling. Payhip takes only 5% of your sales on it. You can write an ebook on this site and can publish it very easily. Payhip has some advanced options like 

  • Make the product public or private.
  • Add International Standard Book Number for your ebook 
  • Ability to add sample pages 
  • Create a License key for your sale. 

2- Amazon Kindle Direct Publish 

Amazon Kindle Direct Publish lets you publish your ebook for free and Amazon is considered the best and the largest e-commerce store on the internet. You will be able to get 70% of your sales. Your books will be exposed to Amazon to the people. If people wanna purchase your book they will do so.

  • An easy way of publishing 
  • Pre-orderable ebooks
  •  Largest ebook store 

3- Lulu 

Lulu is one of the famous and most visited websites for product selling. You can create very nice pages on lulu and can customize them. By publishing your book on Lulu you can reach millions of buyers. Lulu takes only 10% of your Sales. 

  • Word format 
  • High-quality Books 
  • Cheap way to publish an ebook

4- Blurb

Blurb is a website that is very user-friendly. Blurb allows you to create a nice ebook. It gives you many tools for customization. You can select a design tool to create your ebooks like Photoshop, Indesign and Lightroom and etc. Blurb takes only 20% of your sales. Blurb markets your books on Amazon, iBook store and etc. 

  • Efficient design & Templates 
  • Book styling guidelines available 
  • Well Marketing 

5- Tradebit

Tradebit allows you to create a nicely designed electronic book. It is the same as the payhip website. You can take advantage of social media marketing and it also promotes your products on different platforms. Tradebit has 12,94000+ files at the moment.  Tradebit takes 25-30% of your sales

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  • Easy to work 
  • Promotes your ebooks 
  • Quality Assurance 

6- Barnes & Noble Press

NOOK Press is offered by Barnes & Noble Press. It is a well-known website to sell digital products. You can sell your electronic book via this site. Your product can reach your audience very easily. It takes 35%-40% of every sale

  • Fast & Easy 
  • Reach Millions 
  • Print personal books


Feiyr is not actually an ebook making website but it is a website for publications. It is a paid website to promote your ebooks and music. It promotes your products to 150+ online stores. You can get 80% of the sales price. 

  • Extraordinary Promotion 
  • 80% profit 
  • ebooks + music 

8- Kobo Writing life 

Kobo writing life I self-publishing website. You can publish ebooks, audiobooks, and apps on this website. Kobo writing life takes only 30% of your sales and you can get 70% of your sales

  • ebooks & audio-books 
  • Customizing tools for ebooks 
  • Different languages available 

9- Smash Words

Smashwords (Your ebook, your way) is a site that does not charge anything for publishing an ebook. It gives you 80% of the profit. On this site, they are facilitating by offering wonderful tools for customization and formatting. 

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  • High Profit 
  • free publications 
  • Amazing formatting tools 

10- Selz

Selz is an e-commerce website. on Selz, you can sell everything not only ebooks. You can sell your images, music, and ebooks, and all other digital products. 

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  • Ebooks 
  • e-commerce 
These are some websites that are offering 70%+ selling profit to you. You can sell your ebooks on these websites very easily. If you have any other suggestions then tell us in the comments. 

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