Top 5 Cardiology Hospitals in Lahore.

In this polluted era, heart diseases are rising and there are no many Cardiologists in Lahore. Here a list is made that includes the best cardiology hospitals in Lahore. These hospitals have experienced Heart Surgeons and Cardiologists. These hospitals have the best Heart Specialists in them.

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Top 5 cardiology hospitals in lahore

Best Cardiology Hospitals in Lahore 

These heart specialists and Cardiologists are known to be very famous for their work and experience in the cardiology field. These Heart Specialists are available in Cardiology hospitals that are mentioned below. Best Eye-specialists in Lahore 

These are the following Cardiology Hospitals in Lahore

1- Doctors Hospital & Medical Centre

Doctors Hospital is one of the best cardiology hospitals that is consists of 250 beds for patients. Doctors hospital was founded in 2000. This hospital has many doctors but also the best heart specialists in Lahore. This hospital is also well-known at the international level.  Best universities of Pakistan 

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2- Punjab Institute of Cardiology 

PIC is one of the most well-known cardiology hospitals in Punjab and Lahore. This hospital is consists of 547 beds. This hospital has heart specialists of 574 and these are considered to be the best heart surgeons. This hospital has provided free medicines to 361471 patients. This hospital has provided many courses on its site. 

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+92 4299203051 - 65

3- Bahria International Hospital 

This hospital is situated in Bahria Town Lahore. This hospital has Cardia Centre, Kidney transplant, Liver transplant, and many more that the best hospital should have. This hospital also has done 50+ Liver transplant, 170+ Kidney transplant, and 170+ Cochlear transplant.

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+92 042 – 353 401 35-7

4- Pakistan Children's Heart Foundation 

PCHF is a hospital specially made for Children's heart. This has cardiologists that are the best in their field. This hospital is serving many children from its birth. This hospital has served with heart transplants to 2200+ children. This hospital has spent 800M+ amount on children. Best Apps for Business

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+92 345 8409444

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5- Omar Hospital & Cardiac Centre

Omar hospital is also one of the best cardiology hospitals in Lahore. This hospital has a great staff and they claim to have staff with knowledge. They are providing quality staff in cardiology hospital. 

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(042) 111-111-127

These are considered to be the best Cardiology Hospitals in Lahore. 

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