Top 5 Best Eye-Specialists in Lahore

Top 5 best eye-specialists in lahore

Best Eye-Specialists in Lahore

There are many doctors near everyone and in Lahore. Lahore is such a place that has countless doctors in it. As there are many specialists in Lahore, we have listed the top 5 Best Eye-Specialists in Lahore. 

You can see directions for these clinics. You can go to their Clinics or can see the profiles of those Specialists. And can also check the ratings and Phone numbers of these doctors. You can contact the doctors and can get an appointment. 

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We have calculated this data from Google Map. This list is created by seeing the ratings of these doctors.

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These are the following doctors that are specialists of Eye

Specialists  Location  People-Rating
1- Prof. Dr. Suhail Sarwar  See directions 826 (4.9)
2-Laser Vision Centre See directions 446 (4.8)
3-Dr. Naeem Khalid Eye Specialist See directions 423 (5.0)
4-Anwar Eye & Skin Care Centre See direction 236 (4.9)
5-Rehan Eye Care Clinic See directions 231 (5.0)

1- Prof. Dr. Suhail Sarwar

Professor Doctor Suhail Sarwar stands on number 1 in the list of Top 5 best eye specialists in Lahore. He is a highly rated person on the map. 

Phone +92 3008400738

2- Laser Vision Centre

Laser Vision Centre stands on 2nd number in the list of Top 5 best specialists in Lahore. This center is highly rated by 446 people and got 4.8-star ratings. 
Phone +92 4235868844

3- Dr. Naeem Khalid 

Doctor Naeem Khalid stands on number 3 in the list of Top 5 Eye-specialists in Lahore. He is highly rated by 423 people and got 5.0-star ratings. 

Phone +92 3354214491

4- Anwar Eye & Skin Care Centre

Anwar Eye Clinic stands on number 4 in the list of top 5 eye-specialists in Lahore. This center is highly rated by 236 people and got 4.9 star-ratings. 

Phone +92 3004316456

5- Rehan Eye Care Clinic

Rehan clinic stands on number 5 in the lists of the top 5 eye-specialists in Lahore. This center is highly rated by 231 people and got a 5.0-star rating. 

Phone +923333225443

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