Top 10 Educational websites for students in Pakistan

Top 10 educational websites of pakistan

I have been noticing that many quality educational websites in Pakistan do not rank for 1st search page on google. The students go to various low-quality websites through a search engine. So, I thought I should make a list of top educational websites in Pakistan in order to give the students the right direction.

Top 10 Educational websites in Pakistan

The main purpose of writing this post is to give the students an idea of which are the best quality websites for notes, scholarships, educational guidance, and tips for the students. The websites included in this list may not appear on the 1st page of a google search for some queries, but these websites have the best educational content. Best apps for Students 

Today Zain Tech is here with a new idea about online free education. I have noticed that students need to tell that there are many websites that are offering free online education with different types of notes, papers, guess papers, and paper patterns. And these sites are covering everything that a student needs. I have prepared a great list of the top 5 Educational websites for Pakistani Students.

If you are living in the era of the 21st century and noticing the changes in the age, then you must have noticed that the world is going to the Digital era from the Physical era. Everything is becoming digital as soon as possible. Like everything, Education is also going to be online. 

As we have seen the need for online education during COVID-19. I have found the top 5 educational websites for the students of Matric and above classes like 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th. The students of Masters can also take advantage of these educational websites.

This is the list of best Educational Websites in Pakistan

1- Ilmkidunya

Ilmkidunya is one of the most visited educational websites in Pakistan. Most of the students of Pakistan of every grade visit ilmkidunya to get any type of information regarding study and education. Why mostly students visit this site? Then the answer will be that it is the most common and very antique website, so most people are aware of this website.

Another reason for the popularity of ilmkidunya is the content of the website. It is a very unique and great website. It provides much educational news to the students so that the students can know about the educational situation of Pakistan. Here's the list of  top 10 websites for teachers 

Ilmkidunya also publishes lectures for all students of 8th class to B.A class. Ilmkidunya not only facilitates these classes but it also facilitates the students by publishing the past papers of MDCAT, ECAT, PPSC, FPSC, and much more that are regarding jobs and admissions.

Ilmkidunya also gives free lectures on YouTube on the channel of the same name. You can find opportunities for studying abroad if you check the details on ilmkidunya. This website also does career counseling, motivation for students, and much more that you want. These are the reasons why ilmkidunya is the most popular educational website in Pakistan.

Ilmkidunya Offers:

  • Free lectures of all books from 8th to B.A
  • Scholarship Checking facility 
  • Getting admissions abroad 
  • Past papers 
  • Online tests 

2- Eduvision

Eduvision is also a well-known educational website in Pakistan. Eduvision is a website that is a little bit similar to ilmkidunya, but it has its own scope and categories. You can find the information that was not available on ilmkidunya. here's the list of top demanding skills in 2021-2022 

Eduvision is an educational website that offers many facilities to the students so that students can facilitate themselves by this website. 1st of all it gives the best ad top educational news of the country (Pakistan). You can find all types of educational news here on eduvision. 

After that eduvision also gives information about the scholarships of HEC and PEEF. Students are legible for scholarships of different institutions can see the criteria of scholarships free. You will find much information regarding scholarships. Eduvision gives info about admission and jobs in the country. It covers many universities and colleges where students want to get admission. It will tell you the complete information about these things.

Eduvision also facilitates the students of Pakistan by doing career-counseling. This educational website also gives the facility of different courses online. You can simply apply for them very easily. It also gives the past papers of different classes so that students can prepare themselves easily.

Eduvision Offers:

  • Educational NEWS 
  • Past papers 
  • Scholarship info 
  • Job info 
  • Career-counselling 

3- ZahideNotes

Zahidenotes is also a well-known educational website that is facilitating the students with guess papers, notes, and past papers. Zahidenotes is one of the favorite websites of the students. This is the favorite website of the students because it offers content directly related to the students. here are the best novels and stories free

Zaidenotes is offering all types of past papers for the students to prepare themselves for the exams. Past papers help you very much to have a keen knowledge about the coming exams that you will do. So, to get the past papers of all classes you can go to the Zaidenotes website.

Zaidenotes is also offering guess papers and books. You always need to study guess papers if you want to know the important content of a book of any class. Guess papers are always liked by the students to prepare themselves better. On the other hand, it also gives paper schemes of all classes that how the paper will be in the exam.

Zahidenotes is giving the facility of notes to the students. Let me show you the importance of notes. The students of matric and above classes always require notes of all books to prepare for the exercise questions and the questions related to the topics and questions that a student cannot do by himself. Students of FSc especially need notes for all books. 

Zahidenotes is providing notes of all books for all classes free. It also provides the notes of Applications, stories, essays, and etc. you can easily download and read them. Zahidenotes is also providing educational news on its YouTube channel, named “Zahid Notes”. You can watch the videos if you want to be aware of the educational situations of the country.

Zahidenotes offers:

  • Educational news 
  • Past papers 
  • Paper schemes 
  • Guess papers 
  • Notes 

4- Gotest

Gotest is a user-friendly website. Gotest is another very famous and most searched educational website that is offering data for all students. It covers all types of students like Science and Arts. PPSC, CSS, and NTS. It covers Punjab, Federal, and Sindh students for classes. It gives the details of CSS exams, CSS guide, and CSS past papers.

Another best thing about the gotest is that it gives you the facility to read the past Entry Tests of Engineering and medical and other subjects. It gives you the tests of different forces of the country like Air Force, Army, and Police, etc.

Gotest is one of the favorite websites for all those students who are very interested in learning past ISSB papers and guide for ISSB. It gives you some details and prepares you for the test of ISSB. It takes your aptitude test and then takes some written tests if you want.

Gotest also covers many more topics like it gives you very detailed news about education and you can simply read all those news by going to this website very easily. It covers the news of top-ranked universities of the world and Pakistan. You can also find your results on this website. Gotest also facilitates you by giving the news of the latest jobs. If you are a person who is searching for Government jobs then you should regularly visit this website, it will inform you about all types of jobs.

After all, it covers the papers of current affairs and GK (General knowledge). If you are preparing for CSS and PPSC or FPSC or any other test then you should prepare from this website. You will get huge knowledge about current affairs and general knowledge very easily as I have told above that this website is user friendly.

Gotest offers:

  • Educational news 
  • Jobs information 
  • Entry test preparation 
  • Current affairs 
  • General knowledge 

5- Sabaq Foundation

Sabaq Foundation is my favorite website. Why is it my favorite? There is a reason behind it. I like this website for its content. Sabaq Foundation does not give you educational news, does not give you tests of CSS, PPSC, or any other as other websites do. But it is my favorite because it gives the lectures for all the classes. You are a student of KPK, Sindh, or any other province of Pakistan or you are a student of the federal board then you can simply and very easily find video lectures of all books in the Urdu language.

You can also prepare for the Entry Tests here. There are many lectures about this on this website. Sabaq Foundation is offering a very great facility to the students. Sabaq Foundation is one of the most liked and most visited educational website during the lockdown. Sabaq Foundation is removing the facility of online classes. Here you can find many lectures from all books. And all the books are covered completely.

You are a student of any class can take the video lectures from this website. Sabaq foundation is a channel on YouTube that is doing the same. You can simply go anywhere on the website or on the youtube channel, you will find this the same. All lectures of all classes of all provinces are available on Sabaq foundations.

Sabaq Foundation offers:

  • Free lectures of all books 
  • Lectures for all classes 
  • Lectures of all boards 
  • Lectures for all provinces 
  • Lectures for federal board students 
  • Lectures for Entry Tests 

6- StudyExamJob

Study exam job is a website that looks like a website totally for jobs, but it is not. This is a site that offers everything regarding educations and jobs. This website does not include lectures but includes notes, guess papers, and everything about the results of different classes. It also tells you about the date sheets of the exams that are being held in near future. 

Studyexamjob is a website that is also for prize bonds. If you play with prize bonds then you can check the details of prize bonds on studyexamjob.studyexamjob is also giving notes for different classes. you can check and download the notes very easily here. 

Studyexamjob is including past papers of different classes you can read easily to prepare yourself as soon as possible. As the name of this site includes the word JOB, then surely it tells about the jobs of different departments. You can check the job that you want to check. 

StudyExamJob Offers:

  • Date sheets
  • notes
  • Past papers
  • Details about Prize bonds

7- Kitaab

Kitaab is an Urdu word. It means the Book. This website 1st of all includes the admission details of all schools, colleges, and universities. The special thing about admissions is that it includes the admission details of cadet colleges. You can check the admission details of any institution on Kitaab website. 

After that, it includes information on jobs in Pakistan and includes some featured jobs also. You can also find jobs that are not usually shown on other websites. It shows you the jobs that comes via the newspaper and you can check any newspaper that is surely available on Kitaab. 

After all, Kitaab includes information about NTS tests and the results of different exams held in the near past. Kitaab gives information about the scholarships for all students. You can check the availability of scholarships on Kitaab. 

Kitaab Offers:

  • Admission details 
  • Job Details 
  • Exam details 
  • Scholarship details 
  • Results 

8- LearningAll

If you are a person who is interested in studying health, economics, and different types of Essays then LearningAll is the best source for you. You can easily access this website. This website includes the admission details with the merit lists of different institutions. If you are searching for merit lists of any institute then you can see the details here on LearningAll. 

After that, it tells you the news of exams, programs, and Entry Tests of some institutions. In the Educational field, it gives you the notes, guesses papers, and paper patterns of different classes. You can also check the position holders of the year on this website very easily. 

If you are interested in education as well as telecom then this website is a very easy source for you. You can know the details of different SIMs on this website. Know camera apps to get a lot help

Learningall Offers:

  • Different Subjects
  • Job details 
  • Educational news
  • Telecom
  • Guess papers 

9- Elearn Punjab

Elearn is a website offered by the Government of Pakistan to the students of Pakistan. This website is a user-friendly website and gives you a very fine UI/UX. You can easily find your subject. You just need to enter the website and search for your subjects. 

elearn website is giving video lectures as well as textbooks. you can easily access these things on elearn. This website also gives lectures with animations and illustrations. You can understand and clear your concepts very easily by watching the illustrations and animations. 

elearn website is offering and facilitating the students of class 6th to 12th. All the students of these classes can go to this site and take online classes. Elearn website is giving lectures in the English language. So, if you cannot understand this language then you have to compromise. 

elearn Offers:

  • Video Lectures
  • Animations & Illustrations
  • Teacher's Guide  

10- ilm is a website that is highly ranking in Pakistan because of its content. This website is offering education as well as tells what to do after a specific education. it tells much detail to the students to help them in choosing the right path. 

It also tells about the scholarships being given to the students and the procedure for applying. It tells you about different types of courses too. You can also check for the merit lists on iIm website. 
Like others, it also tells about the date sheets, jobs, and results. you can visit this website if you want. 

Ilm Offers:

  • Admission details 
  • Courses
  • Study abroad 
  • results

To get such news visit, this website will give you premium apps free and unlocked games, and also technology news. 

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