Download Droidcam X PRO free

Download Droidcam X free

Droidcam X
The webcam is a thing that is used as a camera for usually computers. If you are a person who is looking for a webcam to use for your computer or other devices. Usually, computers do not have a webcam with its hardware. People have to buy a new separate camera to use for Video Calling, and for video recording of facecam and for all those purposes where they need a camera.\

But did you ever think that your phone, the smartphone can be used as a webcam for you. Yeah, you listened right. You don't need to purchase a separate webcam. You can use any smartphone as a webcam for your laptop or computer. There are many other apps that can be used for many beneficial purposes. you must check Amazing Mobile camera apps to help you a lot

Droidcam X is an application that you need to install on your phone and just connect it with your Pc or laptop and use your phone camera as a webcam. Droidcam X is easily available on the Google Play store but it is not a free application. Its paid. 
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Don't worry! Here on you will find it free of cost with no problem. Let's have a look at Droidcam X features.

Droidcam X

1- Smartphone as a Webcam

2- HD video recording

3- Easily Connectable

4- Connect using Wifi or USB cable

5- Zoom, Auto Focus, and other settings

You just need to install this application free from click the button below to download Droidcam X.

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