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If you are a person who has great keen on reading books. If you want to read novels and stories written by different people, then is here with a new and great app named “Any-books”. Anybooks is an app available on the play store and you can simply download and install from that but the issue is that it is a paid app and you do not wanna pay for it.

We are giving you the paid app “Any-books” free of cost. No money and no charge. Let me show you some features and advantages of Anybooks. if you want to get orders on Fiverr then check the below
AnyBooks Specifications
Publisher Anybooks
Version 3.23.1
Size 25 MB
Category Books & Stories


1- Great library

2- Multiple languages

3- Build in Dictionary

4- Read offline and online both

5- Customizable reading

6- Create your own books and publish 

Customizability of AnyBooks

These are the benefits of anybooks. You can read the world’s best-seller by this app and moreover, you can also great your own books and can easily publish them on the app so that people may find your book helpful and agree to buy. 

This app lets you customize the reading (as it is mentioned above) by setting font size according to your desire and you can also font style and color for your text very easily in the settings of that app. 

Anybooks is a great library and full of books and you just need to find that specific book you are looking for and just continue reading. This is consists of millions of sellers and buyers. Many people use this app to public their publications and want to earn by selling their books. 

Many people purchase their books because they are finding Books of Novels, Stories and essays and etc. if you want to enjoy these facilities of reading free then just download Any books from Zain Tech free. 

Download Anybooks free

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