Amazing Mobile Camera Features to help you a lot

amazing camera apps

Amazing Mobile Camera Features

Hello smartphone users! Zain Tech is here today with a new and mysterious post. today you will know the wonderful uses of a mobile camera and surely you will feel happy when you would use your mobile camera for good purposes. 

Actually, mobile cameras are usually used to take photos, selfies, and videos just. But today you will learn how important is your mobile camera for you and how will this help you a lot in your life. The methods I am going to share with you are not only fun....! 
I am going to tell you the list of top 5 apps that use your camera and they do not capture photos, they really work great for you. you can use any of the apps that I am going to tell you for your purposes very easily. They all are available on Google Play Store. Not any type of Premium version is required. so, let's move to our list. 

These are the following Amazing Camera Apps 

1- Google Translate

Google translate

Google Translate is a very common App and also a very common website that helps people very frequently in understanding the other languages of the world. You just need to install this app from the google play store and just run it as soon as possible. After the installation procedure, open the app, and see the wonderful uses of this app. 

When you open this you just saw a dictionary. Google Translate is an app that can convert text from one language to another. For instance, I am not a native of English and I am reading an Engish Book. Then surely, somewhere I will not understand the meaning of one word or one sentence or one paragraph or one page of the book. you just need to write the text in Google Translate and select the language in which you want to translate that specific page. 

Do you think that it is very difficult to write a complete page for translation is very difficult? Here your camera of the mobile will work for you. just click the button of the camera and take the picture or import the picture of the page which you want to translate. now select the lines to translate by tracing the figure and it will translate your page. 


Here your camera will help you to take picture of the page to be translated. You do not have to write everything to translate. 

2- PhotoMath

Photo math

PhotoMath is an App for the Mathematicians. Mathematics is a difficult subject for all. We have to solve the questions and problems in mathematics. But sometimes a teacher also finds difficulty in solving some problems. He does not know the exact answer to the question and sometimes it happens that a student or a teacher forgets how to solve that question. 
Then your PhotoMath will work for you. you just need to install this app from Google Play Store. After installing the app you just need to open this app and it will work a lot for you in mathematics. You just need to open the app and it will start the camera, you take the camera to the question where you have written it. 
PhotoMath will focus on that question and will give you the answer to that specific question very easily and within seconds, not even a minute. PhotoMath will also tell you by this procedure it is solved. like there is a question and you insert it into PhotoMath, it will tell you that it is solved by factoring. And the answers are these.


Here your camera will work for you in solving Mathematics problems. 

3- IP Webcam

ip webcam

IP Webcam is an app for users who want to set a security camera somewhere. It is looking like a joke. No, I am not kidding you. you can check this as I am telling you. IP Webcam's name is showing that this includes the IP address of your device you are using. You just need to install this and open this. 

After installing, find your IP Address in the app that is provided. Copy that IP and go to any other device like your laptop or another phone. On the other phone go to IP Webcam and then click the browser and put the IP Address of the previous device into it. 

By doing the above procedure you will see the video of that camera whose IP Address is you have pasted. These two devices are now connected via camera. You can give your mobile anyone and where he goes your camera will tell you on the other device you have connected. 


Here IP Webcam will help you to connect two mobiles via camera. 

4- CrookCatcher Anti Theft

crook catcher anti theft

CrookCatcher Anti Theft is an amazing app I have ever seen. This app is more than just a screen lock. It is basically a screen lock but this will help you find your phone when someone steals it. Oh! what I am saying? Yes, you read right. 

Install this app from Google Play Store and open it. Complete the setup that it asks. You have to give your Gmail to it for security. You put a screen lock to the mobile and what is its function? its function is that it takes a picture from the front camera if someone fails in unlocking your phone and occasionally, check your phone's location and send this location to your provided email/Gmail. And you can check the emails from any device by logging. 
Think that you have lost your phone. The thief tries to unlock your phone and this app at that moment starts its work and take the picture and send it to email. This can help you a lot in finding your device. 


This APP will help you to find the device. 

5- CamScanner Phone PDF Creator 


CamScanner Phone PDF creator is an awesome app for creating PDFs formate files from the hard copies. If you have many books in your library. You want to send one book to your friend, it is very easy to send that book to your friend by social media but who will you send the whole hard copy of that book. 
CamScanner PDF creator can do this. Just install this app and open it. It will start your camera. just need to take the book and take the pictures of the pages which you want to convert into PDF. This will take a picture and make it pdf. By this method, you can take a lot of pictures even a complete book and it will be converted into pdf very easily. 

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