How to get 1st Order on Fiverr by Proper SEO in 2021

Top Best Tips to get orders on Fiverr

Today is the era of technology and everything I becoming brief and simple and easy to access. You can now say that the World has become a Global Village comfortably. How the Global village? Actually, it means that the people have become very closer to each other not the earth has reduced its size. You can access anything you want to know or you want to take. You can now do online shopping and also can do work online. If you do not want to work by yourself, you can say to others. They will do your work and you have you pay them for this service. Fiverr is a very famous website to do work or take work from others. Let’s talk about Fiverr You can sell your images online.
sell your images online

Today’s topic is very simple and unique. The question is very easy and understandable, but it’s very hard to do the things that we say in the answer to this question. I will explain to you the complete detail of this question. Be with and get interesting information and be updated. So, the question is How to get orders on Fiverr?
There is a list of answers to this question. If you have checked the videos on youtube or have read many articles then do not worry. I am the same as you. I also have read many articles and have watched many videos on this topic and did not get my exact answer. 

1st when you made a gig to get orders of the people to do their work and you want to do their work and want to get money after doing work. And for this purpose, you join Fiverr. Fiverr is an open-source and very famous platform for this purpose. Today I will talk about the SEO of a Fiverr gig. How to make a gig that will get you orders in a queue.

Make SEO Ready Gig

You have to make a gig that is fully optimized to the search engine of Fiverr. You have to get the complete detail about this if you do not have! Do not worry. Why I am here? Let’s start from the beginning. Join Fiverr and be ready to make a gig. You have to get complete detail about the work that you going to do for the people. People will order a person who has done their work very efficiently. So, be talented and start making a gig. Before making a gig you have to do many things.

These are the following steps to make an SEO ready Gig

1- Keyword Researching

You have to find the best keyword for your gig. You should try to find such a keyword on which there are no many gigs. For example, you are an expert in Graphics designing ad at present you want to do photo editing for the people. Then you will search the keyword of photo editing on Fiverr. As you write Photo on your Fiverr search bar there will be a list before you where will be many keywords about the word photo. 

If you select photo editing, then you will see that there are many gigs on Fiverr already. There will be a large number of people who will be offering this service. How would you check there are how many gigs on this keyword? When you search anything on Fiverr it shows you the number of
gigs at the left corner of the screen down the search bar.

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So, if there are many gigs, you just need to go to the search bar again and you will search the same word photo and there will be a drop-down again and there will be more keywords. You will now check another keyword and will see that the same service of photo editing is being offered with a new keyword. And the number of gigs are different. So, in this way you can check that which keyword has less traffic and people are searching for it too.
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So, the conclusion is that just find a keyword on which there is a less number of people. By doing this the number of your competitors will be less than the most searched keyword. If you set the most ranked keyword then the number of your competitors will be increased and you have to work for 2-3 years for
earning or for getting orders

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2- Customize Profile Link

Actually your profile (Gig) a link is the main hint for the search engine. The words that are included in your gig link are approachable to the Fiverr engine. In the Fiverr gig, SEO includes 50% of your gig link. You cannot customize your gig link but there is a very easy method that you can do to make a link that is SEO ready and by doing this your gig will be approachable to the Fiverr search engine very easily. 

You just need to make a list of keywords on which you want to rank your Fiverr gig. Make sure that you have written the keywords that have low competition in Fiverr and those keywords which were in suggestions of search. You can also use the tags of other top-rated sellers or the gigs that are shown at the top in search. Also, check as many gigs as possible. Try to check almost 1st 10 gigs and find keywords and tags. 

After making the list of sure and good keywords you just need to put them in the title of your gig. Do not worry about the gig title. By doing this your title will become a fool title and that will not be a title. I know it. You just need to do this procedure only for the 1st time and just publish your gig. After doing this, you have to wait for an hour or a half. Your link will be customized after some time of publishing the gig. After completing your gig, just go to edit gig and then change your title from a meaningless title to a meaningful title. Make sure your title includes the main keywords.

By doing this your link will be customized very easily. Actually, you have played with Fiverr and your link is consists of all the keywords that you want and on which keywords your Fiverr gig will rank. I have told you that you should not choose such keywords that are being ranked already. You should choose such keywords which are not much ranking but getting orders. The number of gigs are less on which keywords that keyword has low competition. So, in this way, your link will be customized and your gig will be surely SEO ready.

3- Gig Description

Everyone knows how to write a description of anything, but wait. On Fiverr, there is an awesome tip for you. Do not you think that the main keywords and main lines of the description are the main things that make your gig SEO ready and ranked. You just need to write all the keywords on one page roughly. And now there are the first three lines of Fiverr description for you. You have three things to do now for your gig.

Collect Keywords

Think Description

Write a description with keywords

I think now you have selected the main and less competitive keywords for your gig and you have made a collection of keywords for your description very easily. And now you have completed the first step of description for your gig.

Come to the second step of the description. Now, this is a very efficient part for you. Think the description in such a way that your all keywords come in all the sentences of your description and your main description is 1st three to five lines. Focus on 1st three to five lines of description and write meaningful sentences in a beautiful way. And this is the 3rd step of the description
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Your description includes almost 20% of Fiverr SEO. So, be sure that you have included all the keywords in the 1st three lines of your gig description and repeat them in all the descriptions. Write a long description of almost 10 to 15 lines minimum. And in the description explain your qualities and also tell the buyer why you? Why you are the best for him or for his work. Writing everything professionally and nicely can have a good impact on the buyer. And surely if he/she likes you, sure he will order you.

4- Off-page SEO

You have done everything that I told you above. Now it is the time to do everything that is on the off-page. What is off-page? Off-page SEO means that you do SEO of everything that will be published on your gig. All the images, and all the videos that you will publish on your gig to tell your audience that what you can do.

The main thing is that your showcase in other words your portfolio should be very great and eye-catchy. Your showcase will be shown to the people and the buyers will decide that should they order you or not after watching your portfolio. So make a great portfolio and display on your gig.

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Make great and interesting images and rename all the videos or images with all those keywords and tags that you have entered in your title, description, and tags. By putting them on the images these keywords become part of your image or video. So, where you do online SEO and try to make your gig accessible there you should try to have to keep an eye on these little things. These little things are also the major part of SEO and known as Meta tags or Meta SEO.

5- Beat the Competitors

After doing everything that you could do, the main and most difficult step appears now. Now you have created a cool SEO-ready gig but everything that you have added in your gig is copyrighted in other words you have added everything from other gigs. Keywords, tags, and other things you saw from other people. Now it’s your time to do your hard to beat your competitors. You always have many competitors on Fiverr and you have to defeat them if you want to rank or want to earn more than others or want to attract the buyers.
There are some steps to beat your competitors.

Eye-catchy Portfolio

More attractive Description

Off-page SEO

You just need to watch at least the top 10 gigs related to your gig and watch the images that they have used in their gigs. You have to take these samples before you and have to make more interesting and more eye-catchy. You have to do everything to make your portfolio more interesting than others.

After this add all the keywords in your images and tell the buyers what you are offering here. In the images, you have to write everything very briefly that it looks great and interesting. And then you have to check the descriptions of the top 10 sellers and try to write a short not much short or not much long description. Just write a beautiful and 10 to 20 lines in explaining to you. So, the buyer read your description very easily and can order you.

6- Market your Fiverr Profile

After doing everything that you can do the last step is how people will recognize you. How people will know that you are providing a service on Fiverr. You just need to copy your profile link and share it with all your friends and colleagues. You have to write a short description that what you are providing.
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By showing your profile to others on social media you can get many orders from the people who do not know you. Because you are new to Fiverr and you have to gain the orders from people by showing your profile. If your profile will be great you will surely get orders too.
There are many social media platforms to share your Fiverr profile like 

1- YouTube

2- Tumblr

3- Facebook

4- Reddit

5- Pinterest

6- LinkedIn

7- Twitter

8- Whatsapp

9- Instagram


So, these were the steps that I consider very efficient in SEO of Fiverr. If you liked these steps make sure to tell us in comments and if you know more interesting detail about this topic then also discuss in comments.

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