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Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

To find a game that is full of action styles and fighting styles and to play this type of game offline is almost impossible in this era of popular games like PUBG and COD and etc. If you are looking for a light size game that is full of action and the styles of action and fight becomes more incredible than any other game. The games like PUBG and COD are modern and ordinary concept games but if you are looking for a game that is other than these games and concept of this game is very fine. Today Zain Tech is here with an extraordinary and awesome game named “Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition”.
Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition by
Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition is the special and better version of Shadow fight 2. You can find the “Shadow Fight 2” on Google Play Store very easily but if you search for the “Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition” you will see that the special edition of shadow fight 2 is a paid app. And you have to purchase it by spending money to the owners of shadow Fight 2. The company which made this game is “Nekki”. Nekki has made many games and they all are almost same of character styling and graphics. Nekki made the games which are consist of shadow type character and awesome 3D looking graphics. The games made by Nekki are not of massive size but they play a role like heavy games.

Introduction to Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

What is Shadow Fight 2 and what is special in the special edition of Shadow Fight 2? These are the question that many users ask? The main question is that what is difference between the “Shadow Fight 2” and “Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition”? I am going to tell the answers of the above questions. 1st let me tell you about Shadow Fight 2 special edition.
Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition is the upper and upgraded version of ordinary version named as”shadow fight 2”. Shadow Fight 2 and special edition of shadow fight 2 are mainly very much similar to each other. But the main difference is of the fighting style and the levels and versions of fight. You will find different versions like the main version which has the most powerful opponents against you. You have to defeat them to unlock the next era of fighting. But if your cover, helmet and the other things like weapon are weaker than the opponent then you have to upgrade yourself by spending coins and gems. 

Shadow Fight 2 special edition

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Specifications
Publisher Nekki
Version 1.0.9
Size 140 MB
Category Gaming

From where you will find the coins and gems?

As everyone knows that to play any game we have to collect specific coins, gems, points, star and etc. Every game has different name of these points. And in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition you have to collect coins and gems to upgrade your solider and to make your weapons and cover more stronger. So, that you will be able to defeat your enemy very easily. More the coins you have, more the upgrade will be you and more it will be easy to win from enemy by defeating him. 
You will fight many opponents and get the coins, gems and stars in rewards. By those coins and gems you will be able to upgrade your weapons and covers. You will not find only one version, you will find many more versions in the special edition of Shadow fight 2. You will play Tournaments, and will face new and difficult challenges to get coins and gems. You will upgrade your weapons and suits and other covers like helmet and etc. There are many coins and gems given at the end of the match if you download this game from “”. You will find mod money at the end of the match even you’re defeated by the opponent against you in the match.

Weapons of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

There are many weapons in shadow fight 2 special edition like “Knives, knuckles, Sai, Machetes and many more.” There are 35+ weapons in the shadow fight 2 special edition. And there are many cover suits to protect yourself like “Robe, jacket, fury carapace and Spike Breastplate and many more.” You will find many more tools in this game to fight against the enemy and to defeat the enemy. There are many Helmets in this game and some are special like “Spike Helm, Legionnaire helm and Crescent helm and many more like these.”
These are weapons and tools to attack the enemy and to cover yourself from the attack of enemy and to save your life from the attack of enemy. You have to select a proper and powerful tools and weapons to fight with the powerful and strong enemy. As much stable you will be the more easier the battle will. You have to reach the stars to unlock the weapons and covers like helmet and suite. How many stars are required you can see at the side of the weapon displayed.

Practice zone

There is a practice zone area where you are taken to practice that how to fight with enemy and how the keys will play a role while fighting with the enemy in the real fight zone. You can check all the keys shown on the screen. Every key play a different role. Your battle will be more efficient and more interesting if you know how to play the game. And how to perform the kumfu actions.
Shadow Fight 2 special edition is a very special game and the thing that makes it special is style of fight and more enemies against you. You have to defeat your all enemies and have to win and in many cases you have to survive. In the survival mode you have to defeat as many enemies as you can and your life will not increase after a round. You have to be very careful and very efficient. So, that your enemies cannot damage you.
The purpose of practice zone is to make practice. You can easily learn to fight if you play in practice zone. You can also try all the locked and unlocked weapons and covers in practice zone. After reaching at the specific peak you will be able to unlock your desired weapon.

Overview and Features

1- Fight Professionally

2- Smooth and light game

3- Unlimited Enemies

4- Unlimited Fights 

5- Offline action

6- Unlimited Energy

Fight Zones

There are many zones of fight. You will not find this game an ordinary game. This game is very long and very efficient game that a baby cannot play. You have listened the name of tekken 3 and etc. These games are nothing before Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition. There are different zones of fighting and there is a leader of enemies in every zone. You have to defeat that biggest enemy to unlock the era of another enemy.
You have to upgrade yourself to defeat big enemies. And you can play other fighting modes like “Tournaments and Challenges” to get coins and gems to upgrade yourself and to defeat the biggest enemy. Once you defeat the biggest and leader of enemies you will be able to fight with the next enemy. 1st the biggest enemy will be defeated by you after that he will challenge you again to defeat hm. But this time you will get award of his weapon if you defeat him. You will be granted biggest enemy’s weapon that you can use to defeat others.shadow fight 2 special edition by zain tech

For example: 1st you will face the biggest enemy named “Lynx”. You have to defeat him. And to defeat him is very difficult if you download this game from Goggle Play Store. You have to fight almost 1 month with others to get ordinary coins and gems and to upgrade. But is giving mod money that will help you. If you are interested in racing games then you can check these games. Click the button below to check the racing games. Indeed this is the list of funny games.


Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition is basically an offline game. Everything is provided offline. All weapons and covers and everything is offline. But you have to connect to internet once in one fight zone. If you defeat biggest enemy “Lynx” and want to fight with other biggest enemy of other zones then you have to download some MB’s like 20MB, or maximum 40MB. And after downloading everything will become offline. This game is no much heavy and it runs very smooth even in a very ordinary devices.


The conclusion is that you have to be very sharp minded playing this game. You can learn the action and fight style from this game. There are many styles to fight. Download this unlocked game and show your talent by defeating your enemies.

Premium Version info

1- Mod Money

2- No ads

3- Fast and furious

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