Why Apple Products are very Expensive

Why Apple Products are very Expensive

Hello readers! Everyone thinks that why Apple products are so much expensive in the world? This is a good question and also it is a reality that Apple products are so much expensive in all countries of the world. Apple makes many products like iPhones, iPods, and MacBooks in addition apple makes watches and pens too. These all products of Apple are much expensive. There are many reasons behind the scene that’s why Apple products are very expensive.
Why Apple Products are so expensive
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Apple is a very famous brand in the world. There are many reasons for its popularity and the one the famous reason is its Price of every product. All Apple products are above the middle range. Even you buy the smallest product of Apple you would find that its price is also upper than a middle range. So, everyone thinks that what are the reasons that iPhones and other Apple products are very expensive?

There are the following reasons that Why Apple Products are so Expensive?

1- Status & LOGO

Apple makes the phones named iPhones, Apple makes the Laptops named as Macbook, and Apple makes the Tablets named as iPads. Apple makes the watches and pens named as Apple Watch and Apple Pen and etc.

Apple made the phones and iPads at a great price even it was the start of its company. Apple wanted to show itself as a Good and high-Quality Brand so, Apple started making phones of high price and at the start, these phones and laptops has nothing special that their prices increased. But now all the products have some special features that are not found in other brands, we’ll discuss those features too. Apple wanted to make its worth by selling their phones to upper-class people and they will buy it and use it. Then everyone will think that these phones are used by rich people so all the people buy it as a sign of worth and richness.
There are many more good reasons that we are going to discuss.

2- Premium Material

Apple products are made with a cool and premium material. As a premium material is expensive so the things made by the premium material are also expensive. The hardware of iPhones and other APPLE products are made with a special type of material and this material is not found in the other phone and laptop brands. The battery, camera, screen, and other sides of Apple products are very expensive because they are made by special and pro material. 

This premium material causes its long time usage. Apple products do not out of order very early as some other brand’s products do. If you have an Android Phone and on the other hand you have an iPhone and you purchased them at a time. You will see that your Android phone will be out of order and give a lose look after a year or two. But the iPhone will remain the same even after the usage of 2 years.

3- IOS

Every Phone has its own OS (Operating System) and this operating system runs the mobile. All the phones except Apple phones have their OS named Android but Apple has made and developed its own OS named IOS (iPhone Operating System). Apple engineers make and develop their operating system and a special amount of this goes in this OS and so the prices of Apple products are expensive.

Apple has made IOS very secure and fast. This IOS is much more than Android OS. IOS is very secure and fast that no any type of hacking can be done in IOS. No one can insert any hacked data to you to hack your phone. The developer does much hard work in making and developing the OS for their phones and MacBooks and a large amount of money goes here. IOS developers made this very secure and special so iPhones and other Apple products are expensive.

4- Security

Apple has developed its own system and it controls everything itself. No other app or ant type of other files can be download or install in iPhones and other Apple products. Today we are living in the era of technology. The people are working on technology and becoming an expert in technology. So this is the era of hackers too. Hackers hack everything that they want to hack. They hack your devices by different means.

Apple has great and strict security in all the devices of it. iPhones and other Apple products are consist of a security blanket. Hackers attack you from different sources like sending irrelevant links and from different apps present on the internet storage. Anyone can be hacked simply from expert hackers. But in this regard, Apple has great security for its users. You cannot download any wrong app and you are only allowed to download apps from the APP STORE. App Store is a secure app storage place. Apple developers check all the apps and then publish them on the App store. If there is any problem in any app that will not be allowed to publish on the App Store.
So because of high-security apple products are so expensive.

5- Long time Usage

Apple products are made especially with heavy material and premium material so that they can be used for a long time. You will have no problem while using the Apple products. The premium material of all the apple products remains good in look and quality. The shine and design of iPhones and ipads remains cool as they were bought even after a long time.
There are no many problems in the hardware and outlook of the products. There are no scratches
On the screen and backside of the phones. You will not see any type of problem in hardware as well as software. So that iPhones and other Apple products are so expensive.

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