Most Expensive Mobile Phones of 2020

Most Expensive Mobile Phones of 2020

Hello Readers! As everyone knows that this is an era of Technology and man is making progress by leaps and bounds in this field. At first there was a Telephone to communicate. After that, the world was changed. The mobile phone was invented and it was also a source of making calls and writing text. But the mobile phones made progress and now we are in the era of Mobile phones. Every man and woman has a mobile phone to communicate and for other purposes. 

Top most expensive mobiles in 2020 by Zain Tech

The mobile phones evolution is not hidden by anyone. Mobile phones become very famous and modern for the last ten years. Different companies of mobiles are working hard to rank their name and are launching their modern mobile phones as soon as possible. Now as the mobiles are becoming modern their prices are also increasing. Some companies are offering their phones with heavy processors, some are offering high-quality cameras and some are offering other features of a mobile.

Today we are going to discuss the top Mobile Phones with High Price. The prices may vary with time and country. The prices are based on the Pakistan market.

Top most Expensive Mobile Phones in 2020.

1- Samsung Galaxy Fold  ($ 2193.46 USD)

Samsung is launching the phones with high-quality specifications and modern mobiles. Samsung has made many models of Fold series like Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung Z flip and etc. these phones are the most expensive mobiles of the world in 2020. Foldable mobiles look very attractive. These phones can be folded. You buy a Samsung foldable mobile, actually it is a tablet. You can use this when you need a big screen like while drawing and for other purposes, then you can use this tablet mode but if you want to use it like a mobile you can simply fold it to aside. It will rotate itself where you will do. After folding it will be a mobile and you can use this like a mobile.

These phones come with high specifications too. The cameras and processors are very good in this series. The hardware is designed in such a way that when you fold it, it easily folds itself without making any problem.

2- iPhone 11 PRO Max  ($1526.36 USD)

iPhones are made by a popular company named “Apple”. Apple is a company that is known for its over-priced products. Apple has released its new product named “iPhone 11 PRO max”. This device comes with normal specifications but its price is very high due to its IOS and Processor. Apple has fitted a very heavy latest processor made by Apple in 11 PRO Max.

This mobile comes with 3 cameras on its back and these all cameras are 12 MP. Every camera has its own function. There is one camera on its front side and that is also 12 MP. The specialty of this phone is that it is made by Apple and it is the latest phone of Apple and it has all the latest features of Technology.

Apple is also making its new and latest design that is Apple iPhone 12 and its 12 PRO Max version is being made with the latest processor and technology. So, I think we should also consider that 12 PRO Max at number 2 in high price the excepted price of 1 PRO Max is 2,64,00 PKR. Apple has fitted Apple 13 (5nm) technology processor in it. It is the latest processor made by Apple.

3- Samsung S20 Ultra  ($1514.07 USD)

Samsung S20 Ultra is specially made for the people who want to do photography of everything. If you want a mobile that can capture photos of micro-objects and record videos in 8K resolution then you must buy S20 Ultra. This phone has a big processor and big high-quality specifications in it. There are 4 camera on the rear side of the S20 Ultra. The main camera is 108 MP, and it is the latest camera ever discovered in 2020.

There are 4 cameras on the backside of mobile they do different functions. One is for an ultra-wide-angle, one is for macro photography and others do their works. You can capture the most high-quality images and videos in 8K resolution.

4- Samsung Note 10 Plus  ($1229.37 USD)

Samsung Note 10 Plus is also a high paid mobile. This is basically made for the Graphic designers who draw on mobile. This phone comes with a Clear camera and there are 3 cameras on the backside of the mobile. The size of this mobile is also very big as the drawing screen should be larger than the others.

This phone comes with a Digital pen named “S PEN”. This pen is consists of a processor and other things in it. You can have complete control of your screen with this pen. You can draw the handwriting on-screen and the mobile will convert into digital text. This phone has also many more functions like cameras. You can record Stabilized videos in it. The live effects can be applied while recording video or capturing images.

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