Download Pixellab Text on Pics PRO

Pixellab Text on Pics PRO

If you are looking for an App that can make creative texts and shapes easily, then we are here with an app named Pixellab. To create 3D shapes and 3D Text effects in mobile have been very difficult for the users. 

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Pixellab PRO by Zain Tech

Pixellab can make your images and shapes and text from 2D to 3D very very easily. This app named pixellab is famous on youtube. You can make YouTube thumbnails very easily. To add text to your images you can use pixellab very easily. You can change the colors of texts, shapes, and other objects in your projects.

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You can put Gradients of different types like Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, and much more you can find in Pixellab. Pixellab is used to create 3D texts, and convert your simple images and photos in a 3D effect. Pixellab has many more functions.

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Pixellab is the best ever application that is not a photo editor to edit selfies. Pixellab is used to add text in different variety of fonts. You can add the font of your desired font. You can download a font and can import it into pixellab. 

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You can add 3D effects of different types in your text. Pixellab is specially used to make your texts 3D very easily. 3D effects with a variety of Colors and Gradients are offered in Pixellab. You can use these colors and gradients to make your images and texts very smooth and cool and unique looking.

Pixellab Text on Pictures

Pixellab Specifications
Publisher App Holdings
Version 1.9.7
Size 15 MB
Category Photography

Overview and Features of Pixellab

1- Best Editor for 3D effects

2- 3D Shapes

3- Importable Fonts

4- Variety of Colors Gradients

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5- Perspective Tool

6- Multiple Text Options

7- Stickers

8- Background Removal

9- Predefine Presets

Premium Version info

Analytics removed

Bug fixed

Ads Removed

Download Pixellab Text on Pictures PRO

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