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Hey, readers of Zain Tech! we can see that when anyone on the world is free for a long time or even for a short time, he use to watch the videos and movies on the internet or on TV or on any other device. Man wants to watch movies of different regions. For example, Pakistani people mostly watch the Indian and Bangladeshi movies when they are free but nowadays Pakistan is growing very fast in the Film industry. You can check most of the new movies of Pakistan are very interesting and are not based on the usual concept of hero and heroine as in the movies of India and Bangladesh.HOT Star premium by ZAIN TECH

HOT Star Premium

But Pakistani people and also Indians and people of other regions want to watch the movies and dramas of other countries but they do not found them on YouTube or any other platform like that. To watch the videos and movies of different kinds we are here with a new and fresh app named as “Hot Star”. Hot Star is the most famous app that can show you the latest and most rated videos, dramas, and Movies of different types that you want to watch on your mobile, tablet, or laptop. 

You can find the Hot Star on the Google Play store but that will be the ordinary version of that. You will be very limited in the ordinary version of Hot Star. You have to pay very much to enjoy it fully to watch the unlimited movies and dramas and other videos that you want to watch. But don’t worry! Zain Tech is here with the premium and paid version of Hot Star free of cost. You can watch the complete things that the Hot Star offers in its PRO version. Unlimited access to unlimited videos and movies.

HOT Star Premium

HOT Star Premium Specifications
Publisher Novi Digital
Version 10.6.3
Size 20 MB
Category Entertainment

Overview and Features of Hot Star

1-Latest Movies
2-Popular TV Shows Dramas
3-Sports and News videos
4-9 languages available
5-Different Stories in Your Language
6-Kid Stories and Cartoons
7-Downloadable Videos and Movies

Indian Largest Premium App

Hot Star is the most used and the most famous and popular app that is being used in India and in other different countries. The developers have made this app very useful and with very hard work. It contains many premium features that are not available in other ordinary apps. So that Hot Star is the most famous and the largest Premium Streaming app used by people in different corners of the world. 

Hot Star has many downloads on Google Play Store, it has almost 100 Million + Downloads on the Google Play Store and 400 million + followers and users in the whole world. So you can easily guess the importance of Hot Star and the significance of the Premium Version of Hot Star very easily. And I hope you will be thinking about using this app to watch movies and stories in your own languages.

Accessible Content in Hot Star

Hot Star is the most liked app in the world. There are many reasons behind the scene. One of the most popular and very good reason is that you can now find the Movies of all kinds, TV Dramas and Shows, and Sports in one place and that is Hot Star. You do not need to wonder for videos and movies in different places. You can watch unlimited dramas and movies on this app very easily.

 You can search for any type of movie and drama and can watch it. You will find the latest dramas that are being watched on the TV on HOT Star. You can find the latest released movies and can watch it and can also download it and can share it with your friends by the facility of social media.

Different Languages

Now Hot Star is available with the content of different countries and in the different 9 languages that can be watched on the Hot Star very easily and it is also very accessible. You can watch the movies, TV Shows and Sports of different other countries on your mobile very easily. Different content of different Countries with different languages and it is very interesting. You can now enjoy and can be updated with the conditions of other countries. Premium version of Hot Star is offering this service.

Kids Cartoons

Hot Star is not only for the elders, but it is also for the kids and children. Children can now watch their latest and favorite cartoons in their languages free of cost no payment as you pay for the cable. Cartoons for all kinds of kids are available on the Hot Star. Now, in short, the children can watch the cartoons and their favorite types and their favorite shows and videos very easily. 

Premium Version Info

1- Premium
2- VIP
3- Disney +

Important Note: 

You have to use an indian VPN to use this app. 

Download HOT Star Premium Version

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