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Frag Shooter PRO by Zain Tech
To play a multiplayer game with awesome and Better Graphics in a mobile device is very difficult. There is no game like that. If you are looking for a multiplayer game and offline game then Zain Tech is here with a new and PRO game that is named as “Frag Shooter PRO”.
Frag shooter PRO is a game that is played with an awesome action strategy. If you are looking for an FPS game that is consists of wonderful gameplay and that can play offline then I think Frag Shooter PRO is the best choice for you. If you are afraid of the big size of the game then do not worry about this. This game is not like PUBG, COD, and Free fire that are online games and also have a huge big size. Frag shooter pro is an offline and awesome game that is consists of only 99MB of size with Unlimited coins and Gems.

How to Download?

You just need to visit and search for Frag shooter PRO and open the post written by Zain Tech. And after that, you can read the specifications and PROs and CONs of Frag Shooter PRO. Then you will get the Download Button at the end of the post to download the Frag Shooter PRO game with MOD features that are Unlimited Money and Gems. When you will click on the download button it will directly start its downloading and you have to have stayed on the post. 

If you will go back and start your own work the downloading will be disturbed and the game will stop downloading in your device. So beware that when you download any of the games or apps from our website you have to wait for the download of App and that specific game. Actually, Frag Shooter PRO is a game in which you need to get coins and gems to play very well. You are given Frag Shooter PRO game with unlimited money and gems so you will be very easy to play the game with MOD features.

How to Start?

Frag Shooter PRO is the best FPS offline game that is specially made for Mobile and Tablet users. These users can play this game offline and in high quality. This game does not require much settings to play this game and does not waste your time to understand how to play this game. Actually, I am also playing this game since the last one month. And I liked the frag shooter PRO game very much. I do not like games that are online and have a big size and you have to buy a very high-quality mobile phone or a tablet. Frag Shooter PRO is an offline action game consist of a large area and much matches to play this game.

Frag shooter PRO is a large game but it’s not large in its gameplay. One duration for a match is only 3 minutes and you have to set a strategy that how you want to play this game. You have to select a player for your match. You tell your players that what they will do in the game of 3 minutes. You select players of different categories like Attackers, Campers, Wilders, and defenders and etc. These players do their work honestly and do not disturb you.

How to Play?

You just need to download a frag Shooter PRO game from zain tech that is offered with MOD features. After downloading the Frag Shooter PRO game you can start this game very easily in any device of mobiles and tablets. If you have download this game, you will able to start very easily and will be able to play and you can show your talent offline and online both. You can play this game with your friends too. Actually, this game is for both users offline and online. At the start of this game, you will not be teased to get tutorials and more works like that. You will able to start a battle very easily. There are 3 Quarters of every team in their area and one of them is the headquarter of that specific team.

When the battle starts you have two missions in one battle and that is that 1st you have to take care of your quarters from enemies. Every quarter has some points of your team and every team member also has some points in it. If your team member has died then the team member will lose some points and that specific member will have a life again after some seconds. That player will be able to play again. If you want to decrease the points of your enemies then you have to go to quarters and by shooting on quarters you will get lots of points to win the battle by decreasing the enemy’s points. Enemies do the same.

The enemy attack on your quarters and want to win the battle by decreasing the points of your team. You have to defend your quarters and then attack on the enemy’s quarters. There are 3 quarters of each team and two quarters are on the lower floor and the main headquarter is on the 3rd floor and you have to go there to decrease the enemy’s points. You have to select some special players like defend, attack and camp to attack on enemy and to defend your quarters.
There are some conditions of that game named as Frag Shooter PRO. These are the ordinary conditions.
1- You can select only 5 players for your team.
2- You are given only a short time to play that is 3 min
3- You can attack the enemy but you have to save your home too.

Selection of Players

At the start of the frag shooter pro, you 1st select your players that will help you to fight with your enemy. Enemies are always more strong than you. So, you have to select strong and active players for your battle. You have to select only 5 players for your war. You have to select such players that are consist of these qualities.
Different players have different work quality. And different players do different works in your battle. There are 5 types of players for you.

1- Attackers

2- Defenders 

3- Camp

4- Wildcard

5- Center

Function of Players of Frag Shooter PRO

As I have told that there are 5 types of players in Frag Shooter PRO to play the game and to win the game. The different players do different works in the game. They are very unique players and every player has its unique quality that can be used after some seconds of playing. Some players have the quality to increase their life. Some have quality to decrease the enemy’s life. Some have qualities like to increase their shooting power. Some have qualities to defend themselves. So as there are 40 players of the game and 40 players have their own different unique qualities to defense, to attack, and to do more unique works.

Let’s talk about the players and their Unique Qualities

1- Attackers 

Attackers are special players and they do not care for anything and they go to the area of enemy and attack on them. They try to attack on the quarters of the enemy to win lots of points very easily and the enemies shoot them to avoid loss of points. The attackers save their lives and try their best to destroy the enemy’s Quarters and after destroying the lower two quarters they go to the main headquarter to destroy it. When the 3rd and main headquarter of any team is destroyed the game ends and which team has destroyed the headquarter wins the battle. You can select any player during the battle.
Attackers have some special qualities to attack the enemy very strictly. Some attackers have special qualities to increase their life after losing their health by enemy. They can increase their life to attack the enemy. Some players have special qualities of shooting. They can shoot very quickly and they have quality to die the enemy very easily. Some other players have the same qualities in them to defend themselves and to attack the enemy.

2- Defenders 

Your battle mainly consists of defenders. I should say that your victory depends upon your defenders. Defenders are very special player which defends your quarters from the enemies. Enemies attack on your quarters and they want to destroy your quarters and want to win the battle. If you want to win the battle you have to 1st save your own quarters by selecting the players who are specially made for defense and they are called defenders.
Defenders have special qualities to save the quarters and save themselves. They in whole battle defend your quarters and they do not attack on anyone by going to the area of enemy. They save their quarters by applying saving tools. They attack on those enemies who come in your area and try to destroy your quarters. Defenders have some special qualities like some can create two or three helpers of themselves. They save the quarters and their helpers also help them. They create their duplicates to have good help. Some players can create a magical wall in which the enemy cannot enter. They make this wall before the quarters and the enemy cannot pass this wall and the defenders can pass this wall and can attack on the enemy who has enter in your area.

3- Camp

Campers are usual but useful players. They are such players who attack the enemy by going to the roof of the building. They go to the roof and when they reach a high point from where they can see the enemy and then they attack them from a far distance and the enemy cannot see that from where he is being shot. They are a kind of attackers and defenders. They do the work of both. They wonder near the quarters to save them and they also attack on the enemy to get points. The help both attackers and defenders.
Campers have some special qualities like to decrease the power of the enemy of walking. To make the enemy icy so that they cannot attack on you and on your quarters. They have some very special qualities by which the attackers of the enemy do not come to your area.

4- Wildcard 

Your Battle is also based on these special players. They are very heavy players and attack on the enemy. The enemies also attack them so that they cannot attack them. These players have very heavy guns and when they attack on the enemy’s quarter they lose their heavy points. Their heavy and big guns have special types of bullets that destroy the enemy very fast.

These players are special attackers with heavy guns. Their guns have different types of bullets in them which can destroy the enemy very fast. They have qualities to shoot very fast and they can destroy the enemy just by one special bullet. Some wildcards have qualities to shoot their all bullets at once so that to destroy anything very fast.

5- Center

The central players are your helpers in attacking the enemy and also they are your helpers in defending your quarters. They fight with the enemies who are coming to your area and want to destroy you to win the battle very easily. The central players also attack on the enemy’s quarters and they especially fight with the opponent players. They do not let the enemy to come in your area to destroy the quarters of you.
Central players have some special qualities like to shoot like a pro and they can also increase their powers and can also save their life y increase their health quality. They have many bullets in one chance. They do not reload again and again. They have quality to destroy the enemy and do not let them win the war.

How to play well

 This game named as frag shooter pro is not an ordinary game of shooting. You have a strategy to fight with the enemy and to win the battle. You have to select the players of different types to save and attack the enemy. You should select two players who are defenders to save your quarters and you should select two attackers who will attack the enemy and will attack on their quarters. You should select one wildcard or one central or camper to fight with the enemy players.
By selecting good players you can win the battle.

Update old players & Find New

You can update your players to have a better quality of play. To update the players you would need coins and we are offering you unlimited coins. You can update your players when the update of any player will be released. You can find new characters by opening the mysterious boxes.

Download Frag Shooter PRO unlimited

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