Top Car games to Learn Driving

If you have not any driving experience in your real-life then you might have a thing to drive anything. But have you ever imagine that you can feel like driving a car in real life by playing a game. So, do not be wonder. I am going to show you the top 5 games that will tell you how you feel when you drive a truck, a car in real life.

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Top  Car Games to Learn Driving

1- Dr.Driving 2

Dr.Driving 2 is the game made by USD company. It is the 2nd version of the dr.driving game. You can simply get it on play store free. All USD games have awesome graphics. You will find different camera views in the game. You can see your car from the top and also set the camera view as you are sitting on the driver’s seat.

Dr.Driving 2 game is specially made for this purpose. There are big and main highways in the game that give you real experience like roads in real life. There are 5 to 8 tracks for driving. In this game, you are not to drive in a straight line but you will turn your car and make your journey. This game has features like parking, timing experience, fuel losing, fast speed, and slow speed and much more you want to drive. You can also change the cars like Toyota, Mehran, and many more.

Download Dr.driving 2

2- Racing in Cars

Racing in cars is an amazing game. The camera seen is from the driver’s seat. It looks like the player of the game is sitting at the seat of Driver and he is driving that car. The car is found on a highway. On the highway, the player is driving the car and there are many cars on the road.

You have to be very strict while playing. The Graphics of the game are very good. Everything looks FHD and cool. A real driving experience can feel in this game. 

Download Racing in Cars

3- Dr. Driving

Dr. driving is the 1st version of Dr.driving 2. Both the games are from one company and that is SUD. The game is made for driving lovers. Everything is in real. Graphics and Environment of the game area according to the user. Users can easily understand what we should do in this game. Dr. driving 1 is a little bit different from dr. driving 2. The difference between them is only that cars and the environment are changed.

You can also drive a truck or bus to look at their experience. This game has a real environment around the roads and between the roads. You will be given many challenges you have to complete and you can also set your challenge as you desire. 

Download Dr.driving

4- Dr.Parking 4

In short, I want to tell you that dr. driving mean SUD company is making games for just driving experience. You can feel driving in this game. In this game, you do not do anything else except parking a car in the right direction.

The levels to park a car become more difficult as you go up in the levels. This game is not longer than just parking a car. You will not feel boredom while playing this game, because this game is interesting in playing.

Download Dr.Parking 4

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