Top 5 Funny Games to reduce boredom

Most people face boredom after completing their work or doing their work and they want to reduce their boredom by doing something on mobile or in real life. Most people play games on mobiles for fun and joy. We have brought awesome, lightweight, and good games with good graphics to play for fun.

Funny games to play for android
We have selected racing games and these are not like other racing games. These are extraordinary games made by developers. You can choose all of these because they are of small size and will not have pressure on your device.

So, let’s know about them.

1- Hill Climb Racing

Hill climb racing is the most famous and most played and also most rated game on Google Play Store. You can imagine its worth by its user's feedback. The updated version of the 2020 of hill climb racing game is most unique.

The developers have added more stages and more new vehicles in the game to make it more stylish and more funnier so that the players may not feel limited. This game is not a limited game.

There are many funny moments in the game. Different vehicles and stages make the game more ultimate. You feel unlimited in this game. There is an easy way to collect coins from different stages to unlock more stages to play in them.

Download Hill Climb Racing

2- Tom Gold Run

Tom Gold Run is a 3D game. It is an adventure and Racing game. In this game there is not racing with other characters, indeed you are trying to catch the thief in the game. This is a funny game because the concept of the game is very good.

The thief runs out of a car with a bag of GOLD and drops the gold coins as he runs. Your character tries to collect all the coins and then by these coins it develop it home.

Download Tom Gold Run

3- Fun Race 3D

Fun Race 3D is a 3D game as it shows from its name. It is a very fun game it also shows from its name. So, you can easily guess that this game is a funny racing and a 3D game. In this game, you race with other imaginary 3D characters and try to win the race. There are many tribulations in the way of race. You would feel awesome while playing the game.

Download Fun Race 3D

4- is a 2D game but it is an extraordinary game. It is a racing game and a unique game. The cars and motorbikes participate in the game. People from different countries join this and play.

It can also run offline. The computer (software) play the game as opponents. More play more fun is there in the game. Be ready for the ultimate race.


5- Die in 100 ways

Die in 100 ways is a very fun game. In this game, you play to live. In every level, if you defeat the software then you will live. But if you could not complete the levels then you will e die in different ways. So the name of this game is to die in 100 ways. There are many ways to make you dead in this game. There are many different levels to play to remain a lie or to be dead.

Download Die in 100 way

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