Top 10 best Platforms for Teachers

There are many apps made for Students but what about teachers? Today we are here with a list of apps made for the Teachers. Teachers can use them in their classes for their students.

Best Apps and Websites for the Teachers

1- No Hands – eHyde

The teachers of different countries and of different classes and institutions can use this app easily. This app is basically a “Random Student Selector”. If you have a big class and you have to listen the previous lesson from students then you will face a problem that you do not listen to all students in a short period if it is.

Then this app will help you to select the names of students randomly. You just need to install this app and then save the name of students or anything you want to select randomly. Then just tap on it and it will randomly select the name of and of the student. It does not cover all of the screen of your mobile or LCD or TV.

Its notification status comes on the corner of the screen and when you tap on it, it will select a name. And you can select the names of students for any purpose randomly. You can enjoy this. Students will have no doubt about it, because software cannot select a specific student. The software will select randomly. Students can have doubts about a teacher but not on software.

2- Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a very powerful tool for the teachers. It is very famous and most of the students and teachers use this tool for online purposes like online classes or any task that can be done via the internet by staying online.

You can create your own class and publish your video lectures and notes for your students so that students do not feel uncomfortable ad simply starts their work. You can publish everything in one place and everyone can find your work in one place simply.

Students can join your class and listen to you simply. You can create assignments for your students and can create quiz and MCQ’s for students. It will be like an online storage and everything will be in one place.

3- Padlet

Padlet is a social tool for you and your students. You just need to open the app or the website that is “” and you will find many designs for your wall and you can select any of the designs you like for your students.
You can create a class or MCQ’s or any type of question for your students that you want to ANS from your students. You can post links to other subjects or anything that you want to show your students. You can publish photos, and videos to show your students to engage them in your work.

The design is basically a theme that you can select according to your choice so that one cannot feel boredom while searching from your wall or while learning or while answering from your wall.

4- Socrative by MasterConnect

This is a website and you can also download the app or software if available. In “Socrative by MasterConnect” you just need to sign in and start your work. The interference is very easy to use and you can start easily. You can create your class and you can also select the option of quiz and MCQ’s for our students.

This is very easy to use. You can see the progress of your students after you publish the work that you want to give to your students. You can handle this via your mobile too. You can see the progress of attendance from your mobile. You can watch that how many students are present in the online class and how many are answering the questions or learning the lesson that you have given/taught to them. You can also check how many students are answering the questions right ad how many of the students are answering wrong.

This platform is the best choice for a teacher because it tells you everything about you and your student’s progress. You can see percentages and graphs there.

5- Nearpod

Nearpod is also a website and it’s a good platform for both teachers and students. You can do the same as you do in the Google Classroom or in any other place. The best thing on this website or app is that you can put any type of data in this website like web data, presentations, or any other activity you want to add for your colleagues or Students. 

You can also create questions and Quiz and much more. Moreover, you can also put photos and Videos and also draw anything you want to tell your students. You can create polls and more things like this. You can also publish your lectures for your students and can also conduct live classes. Your students do not need to struggle hard for this. They just need to go to the URL of the website and they will click on join class and they there will e two option previous or live. If there will e any live class they can join easily.

The best thing about this platform is that you can see what your students are doing right now. You have complete control of this website.

6- Edpuzzle

You need to do nothing except making an account or log in. After that, you will be on the home screen of this platform. This platform is amazing to teach the students as a live class. You do not do except publishing the video clips that you want to watch your students. The best and awesome thing on this platform is that in the bar of the video there show some points.

These points represent the questions in the video. When you will reach that point the video will pause and a question will pop up. The students will think and when they click on any answer the video will again start from where it paused.

There are also some features like skipping the questions or tap to continue if someone does not want to answer the question. The options like embedding the questions in the video make this platform better than others.

7- ClassDojo:

This app is basically a class manager app. It is made for primary and middle schools. This app will help you to manage a class correctly. This app tells you that the students have made a creativity or teamwork. This app is for appreciation to the students to enhance the creativity of the students. You can make a schedule of the week or your strategies in this.

You can manage the class by this. You can set it to the changing to make the class good like it will randomly tell the seats of the students. You can publish the class pictures and others can comments and share them. This app can be connected to the phones of the parents and they can see what is going on in the class. You can also connect to your phone to control it entirely. There are many features of this platform. You can also see the features like class timer, voice meter, random student selector, and etc.

8- Classcraft is a student-friendly website that teaches the students how to learn without having any type of pressure. You can publish a short game for your students. The students will play the games and level up in the game. The students will learn about the modeling and optimization in this platform. They can level up by playing again and again.

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