Best educational apps for college students in 2023

Hey Students! Today we are very excited that we have brought top and best 10 apps for you. Students face any problem during their studies. Students want to take lectures online or want to download them on their mobile for their facility to learn more. 

Some students are not able to find notes according to their choice or free notes. Students also feel uncomfortable during learning the lesson of the English language. Basic mistakes in pronunciation and grammar.

Best educational apps for college students 2020 by Zain tech

Top ten best educational apps for students 2021

Students want to learn vocabulary and much more. Some students want to become creative in the educational field. So we have brought the top 10 and best apps for students 2021

You can use them for your facility and can use them during your study so that you do not have any difficulty in learning. Soon we are coming with the top 10 apps for teachers. Teacher also face some problems like students.

So let’s know about those apps.

The top ten best apps for students in 2020 are given below: 

1. English Dictionary offline

This is a dictionary to search English words to know their meanings, synonyms, and antonyms. This dictionary is an offline dictionary. T can search any word of the English language. It is of very small size so it is lightweight and can be run in any local and slow and old device. It can search words offline. No internet connection is required

You just need to install this offline dictionary in your mobile and search English words to know their meanings, antonyms, and synonyms. This offline dictionary has all features that a good dictionary should have in it. It also has pronunciation features. 

It will pronounce that specific word that you have searched in the correct manner. Students can use this dictionary to increase their vocabulary and sense of learning new words as soon as possible.

2. HiPPER Scientific Calculator

This app’s name is showing that it is a scientific calculator app. I am very excited to tell you that this app is amazing, it has everything that a scientific calculator has. All formulas and symbols and etc. If a student does not have a scientific calculator then no problem. He can use this app as a calculator. The biggest news is that it is not of a big size. It is a lightweight calculator. Its size is very small of 7.1 MB. 

It is rated by its users and its rating is above 4+. You can use this as a physical calculator. And another piece of news is that its layout is very easy and the same as the original calculator. It adjusts itself on the screen and starts its work properly. 

When you pick up your phone and open this app, it feels that you have not picked a mobile, you have picked a calculator. It can be run in any device with very low specifications even. 

You do not need to have a high-specification mobile. Students just need to install a hipper scientific calculator and start their work.

3. Vocabulary Builder – Test Prep

Hi vocabulary lovers! We also have brought an awesome app for you. If you want to increase your English Vocabulary then simply install this app. This app is amazing in use. Its size is only 28 MB. And it can be run in any device. You can take tests in this app and this habit can increase your vocabulary of English Language. 

Our students hate the English language due to its complexities and huge difficult vocabulary. But do not worry. We are with you and we found an app to increase vocabulary. 

You can play games with English words in this and you will see that day by day your English vocabulary will increase very fast. Surely you will feel lucky and awesome when you will see a huge difference in your life before this app and after this app.

4. Cursa – free courses with Certificate

If you are a student then you will be looking for any source of a degree so that you may have any jo or any more certificate via this certificate that this app is providing. This app is offering free courses in it and fortunately, these all courses are free of cost especially for students that want to grow their abilities by learning more and more. 

This Cursa free courses with certificate apps are providing awesome courses like “Computer courses, Spoken English courses, and More courses like that”. You do not need to go anywhere and pay for the course. Just install this app and choose your course and start learning from it free of cost. No high pay or anything else. 

It is a lightweight app and can be run in any device. Its size is 13 MB that is very low size and easy to use. Its rating is 4.7 that is a very high rating on the play store.

5. Reader-PRO Speed reading and brain development

This is an awesome app for those students who are very weak in the English language. This app helps you to make your reading power better. This app is consist of many English language courses and games. You play games and learn from it. It will increase your power of studying things and also increase the power of reading and watching. 

You will learn very fast from this app because it is a funny app that teaches you the English language. It also increases your power of understanding the English language. When you will start learning and begin to read fast then you will e able to read a complete page very fast. It is a lightweight app. It has a low size so that no one has any difficulty in running this app. 

Any device can run this app. It is rated at a high level from its users. It's rating on Google Play Store is 4.7. So, you can guess that this app is very good for the students and students must have this app in their mobiles to learn the English language.

6. Lumosity: Brain Training

Lumosity: Brain Training is an awesome and unique app. This is an app that is for your brain. If you want to increase the power of your thinking and want to be sharp in studies then choose this app. We suggest that you should use this app for only 1 month to be sharp in education. 

This app is very useful for the brain training to increase its powers. You can play games and learn from them. People increase the powers of the brain by eating almonds but we challenge that you can increase your brain power by using this app. This app tells your brain speed according to the time you take in answering the questions and your memory power and much more analytics. Just install this app and play it. 

There are various lessons in it and many more games in this app that helps you to increase your brainpower. It is of a medium-size app. It is of 81 MB. It is highly rated by its users. Its rating is 4.4. So, you can guess its worth. This is an amazing app to become sharp and have brain training in free.

7. Class Notes

Class notes is basically a website. But they have made an app for the facility of students. This app is consist of many notes of Books. Students can take any type of notes for any subject. Also, you can select your class or grade to watch the notes. 

Everything is present in this app. You just need to install this simple and low size app to take the notes for your class. After installing this app you do not need to visit any type of website. 

Everything is available in this app. There are many tests for every class. There are MCQ's and many more exercises for the students that students can take for their awesome and unique preparation of their exams or class tests. This app is of 34 MB. It is a low sized app and can be run in any device. It is highly rated by its users. Its rating is 4.5.

8. Hello English 

This is another app made for the students who hate the English language or weak in the English language. Do not worry dear students. We have brought all those apps that are much useful for you. We brought this app and selected this app for you because many students that are not from the USA, K, or etc and do not know the English language and want to read and write and speak English like natives then select this app. 

The method of teaching of this app is very useful. It tells you the lesson and you keeping the lesson in mind to answer the questions that are asked in the English language. You are given many games for the grammatical mistakes and for the reading and speaking purposes. 

You can select any language you wanna learn from this app. But most people use this to learn English.

9. E-learning for all

This app is specially made for the Pakistani students. The students in Pakistan can install this app to learn from their favorite platform. Students can individually select their platform then why this app? The answer is that there are many platforms in this app. Many websites are available here on this app. You select anything. 

You can download notes for any class or grade or for you. There are many notes available from many different websites. And those all notes are available in only one app. This app is of very small size. Its size is 5.7 MB. It is highly rated by its users. Its rating is 4.5 and you can imagine its significance from this.

10. Notepad 

Note pad is an app that students can use for their own use. Why note pad? This note pad is more than any other note pad. This can add pictures to your notes. 

You can copy data and paste in this to save it. You can add shadow and much more formatting of pictures in this app. You can bold and make the text underline, italics, and much more. 

You can make lists of notes. You can pin any note to the all notes. Indeed, this is very good. Its size is only 4.8 MB. And it is also highly rated. Its rating is 4.7

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