Top 5 websites to get Copyright free images

Get Copyright Free Images

Copyright is the biggest problem of these days that a blogger, YouTube, and other people face. The policies of all platforms have become very strict that no platforms allow you to publish the photos that are not yours.

Get copyright free images

 For example, YouTube is a platform that is used to watch and publish videos. People that are creators and publish videos they are not allowed to publish other videos. Even creators are not allowed to set a picture that is not their own. YouTube says that you have to set a picture as a thumbnail or use it in the video that is copyright free. Here the YouTubers face a problem that they have to find copyright-free images. But do not worry, there are many websites that are offering pictures and videos that are copyright free. It means that they give you a license to use the pictures commercially. Then let’s go to the list of those websites.




*Life of pix


1- Unsplash

Unsplash is a biggest website that is offering copyright-free images with a specific license. You will get a large number of images with a copyright-free license. Here are some policies of Unsplash website that you cannot publish an image that is not allowed to use commercially by publisher. Low-quality images are not allowed. You have to publish high-quality images with large dimensions. You can use any photo you found there anywhere at any time.

2- Pixabay

Pixabay is a very famous website among the users. Pixabay is offering royalty, copyright-free images for free. Pixabay offers the images not only on its own platform, indeed it is shown in other plate forms that are offering copyright-free images like “Pexels”.

3- Pexel

Pexels is the most famous website for photos and also for videos. If you are looking for high-quality images with great resolution and dimensions then pixels are according to your desire. At pixels, you do not only found images it also gives you high-quality videos.

4- Life of Pix

Life of Pix is a website where you can find images of high quality. Life of pix is offering those photos that are published on it and also carry copyright-free images that are published on other websites that are doing the same. Some websites collaborate with each other.

5- Shotstash

Shotstash is a non-famous website but it offers copyright-free images for the users. If you don’t find your desired images from the websites told above then you can visit this website so that you may find it. So, you can do your work at a commercial level by these photos you get from these websites.

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