Top 5 latest Premium Video Editors for Android Users free

Top 5 Video Editors for Android

Recent calculations have shown that the users of Mobile phones are increased to a high level than PCs. Laptops and computers are high definition devices that are used at the professional level. But most people in the world use mobile phones for their facilities. 

Mobile phones are quick in use and fast in doing in any work and they can help us to create or make anything. Now let’s talk about video editors that are highly recommended for the mobile users and they are used at large criteria. Let’s see the list.

1- Kinemaster

Kinemaster is used by the pro and big users that are famous on YouTube. The importance of Kinemaster can be imagined from this that a big Pakistani YouTuber said once that he use Kinemaster to edit his video for YouTube channel and at this time he has 1M+ Subscribers.

Download Kinemaster PRO apk free

Kinemaster is used to make slideshows, video editing, and much more like intro making and outro making, motion designing and Motion LOGO designing, and much more that you need as a graphic designer and a video editor.

Kinemaster has a big significance among all video editors. Kinemaster is considered important because it has many functions like layers, text editing, motions, intros, slideshows, video effects, animations, duration settings, color grading in photos, and videos (luts). 

In short, if you want to make videos for a YouTuber channel or for your own purpose like birthday videos, travel videos and like that then you can use Kinemaster for video editing.

Kinemaster has a big watermark and you have to get its premium version. If you want its premium version free that is made for advance editing and has no watermark then simply click on the link below, it will take you to the Kinemaster download page.

Download Kinemaster PRO

2- Wonder Share FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is taken at the 2nd number in the list because it is the 2nd most used and most rated app used for video editing. Every video editor has its own facilities and option and features. Only one video editor cannot provide you all things but FilmoraGo is offering everything you need during video editing.

Download Filmora Go PRO free

The best thing about FilmoraGo that its users like is that FilmoraGo offers everything animated and self-made. You do not need to make and animate a text, a layer or a photo you just need to click on the desired animation and it will set on it. 

If you want to write a text for the title of a video or as a lower third of a video you just need to select that specific animated sample when you click on the sample it will show you a preview. Once you like a sample then simply edited the text and write your own desired text.

FilmoraGo has no watermark, no logo but it has a very short outro that comes at last 3 seconds in your videos but you can remove this outro simply by getting its premium version that is available here. Click the link below, it will take you to FilmoraGo download page.

Download Filmora GO 


3- Power Director/Action Director

I was confused to set the video editor at the 3rd number because there were two video editors at the 3rd number. Actually, Power Director/Action Director both has the same features you can select any of them for video editing. 

Power Director and Action Director both have great popularity among mobile users. Power Director/Action Director are famous for their text animations and animated transitions. Titles, intros, outros, name editing, video editing, slideshow making, and much more are edited in Power Director/Action Director. You can select any one of them.
There is no difference among them except one and that is one of them is at 9:16 ratio and another is 16:9 of ratio. Remember! Both have a big watermark named “Cyber link by Power Director/Action Director” you have to get their premium versions if you want to get them in advance version and without watermark.
If you are looking for a premium version as free then simply click on the link below to get their premium versions free.

download Action director


download Power Director


4- Vismato 

Vismato is a non-famous app but I assure you the most creative and unique features are there in this app. This video editing app is consists of all that feature that a normal video editing user cannot think about them like music, sound effects, transitions, stickers to use in video, and much more. 

The most thing that I liked in it is sounds of clapping, applause, sadness, and much more. Another thing in this app is transitions they are seamless and unique transitions. The most awesome facility this app is providing is that this app has many more features that I am telling and you can use them by connecting to the internet. 

Once you download the pro features of this app they will become offline. The online free market of an app is a big thing if we consider it. This app also has a watermark and you have to download and install the premium version for professional editing. 

If you are looking for the premium version and want to get that version free then simply click on the link below, it will take you to download page.

Download Vizmato 


5- Viva Video PRO

Viva video was very famous in the last days but now the above video editors have taken its place. But the above video editors took its worth by normal version, not by premium version. If you get the PRO version of Viva video editor then you will feel lucky by getting such an easy and pro video editor. 

Its price is not so low it is not very cheap that’s why it can edit videos like a pro. You will find transitions, video effects, text effects, stickers options, music, and voice over and much more like blending options here. You can imagine its worth these features.

Its normal version has a big and wide watermark but if you get its pro and good version you will be able to edit like professionals. Then why are you waiting for?

Download VIVA video PRO


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