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Hey! We are giving you the simplest way to download the WONDER SHARE FILMORA GO Premium version free. Here is a question that “what is the difference between Premium version and Normal version of FILMORA GO?”

Download filmorago premium apk free latest version

Filmora GO 

Filmora GO Specifications
Publisher Wondershare Software
Version 3.1.4
Size 35 MB
Category Video Editing
Now let me define you WONDER SHARE FILMORA GO.
Wonder share Filmora Go is a powerful video editing APPLICATION that is used by most of Video Editors to create awesome videos. You can use it to edit your vlog videos and YouTube videos.

Overview and Features of FILMORA GO

1-Users Friendly Interference:

Filmora Go is a Professional video editing app so it has many specifications of a unique application. In those specifications, one of them is Comfortable Interference. When you enter the Filmora Go you see a good intro of it. Then you can select the photos and videos to edit by pressing the + button.

Then simply you can select your photos to create slideshows and videos to be edited. There is no need to learn Filmora Go because it comes with simple and good features that a new user does not feel uncomfortable. You can edit your videos easily.

It has many professional features in it to give to an awesome output. It can export video according to the resolution of your video. You can apply themes, transitions, overlays, elements, titles, stickers, video effects, and much more you desire.

2-Multilayer Supported:

Filmora Go is a video editor that is multilayer supported. You can add different things (as we talked above i.e-titles, stickers, elements, overlays, and much more) on different layers. As you know that Filmora has a good comfortable interference so you have no difficulty to edit many layers at a time. You can add many layers of different types and different duration with different transitions and video effects.

Here’s a question that WHY WE NEED MULTILAYERS?

In most cases we want to put things at the same time and of the same duration or not. To set two or more layers at a time or at that time when one layer does not end and we want to show another thing during its duration then we will use the proceeds of Multilayers. A Multilayer feature does not mean that you can put a thing of the same nature. You can put text on one layer and image on another layer. And multilayer does not mean that you can put only 1 or 2 things at the same time, you can put and adjust the several layers at the same time of different natures like text, image, element, title, etc.

3- Easy Cinematic:

Most of the users of professional video editors use these pro editors to do editing like cinema, so they are in search of such a video editor app that can help them easily in doing cinematic editing easily. So Fillmore go users can do cinematic editing easily. Fillmore provides such tools that can help you in making cinematic films without any confusion.

You can add cinematic bars easily, you can adjust the ratio of video from any ratio to 16:9, 4:3, or 9:16 or you can also make square video. This feature will not destroy your video it will add bars outside the video to keep the video safe and add bars like that according to the ratio you have selected.


Filters are a very powerful tool for every software if you know how to use them correctly. They help you to correct the colors of your video if you are not interested in making luts in other software. Color Grading is very important in your videos. If you have no experience of color grading in android you can apply the filters that are downloaded in Fillmore go.

You just need to be attentive in applying them in your videos. Just be focus and check the filters by applying on video and check preview, if you do not like one then you can easily select another filter to make to video look better. If you want to make cinematic videos then filters are very significant for your videos because in cinematic videos the editors use the filter or luts to give an awesome look to your video.


In the Filmora Go app, you can do the advanced type of editing you can not imagine it just by listening about it or reading about it. It is much more than you are reading. Filmora is providing the titles for your videos and you do not need to make them. They are made my filmora itself. You just need to replace the text by tapping in the text that filmora has written.

These titles are not boring they are animated titles that you would like the most in filmora. They are colorful and animated and make everyone their fan. Users usually use this tool for Titles opener, outro, lower 3rd, or any other purpose that you find. Animated titles are pretty but colorful, animated, and beautiful look of titles make your videos more pretty than you think.


Another thing that is necessary for every video editor is slideshow. We shoot our photos daily in daily life. Some people are interested in photography and they also shoot photos and some people like me have not a good camera or a good mobile camera to shoot like a pro. They feel bad when they saw that they can shoot better but their camera is not according to their wish.

Such people if they want to make a slideshow of their photos can use filters to their photos. Slideshow is a powerful feature of filmora go. You can make a professional slideshow in filmora in minutes according to your desires. You can apply many tools on the slideshow to make it look better.


Transitions are the soul of a video editor especially if you are making a slideshow. In slideshow you put your photos and want to make a video of these photos to create an exhibition. Transitions are the way to covert your one photo to another. The way between two photos is called transition. And transitions ae of many uncountable types.

There are many categories of transitions such as motion transitions, zoom in and zoom out transitions, fast-moving transitions, arrow transitions, and much more. You can find about 19 transitions in filmora offline. But if you want more transitions then you can click on get more button to download more transitions. They will help you to make your videos and slideshows look professional.

8- Export Option:

One video editor is very sensitive in exporting videos. Some of editors do not export your video in the background. And the Fillmore is the same. You just need to click on the export button on the right uppermost corner. Then you will be asked to select a quality of your video like 640p, 720p, 1080p, 1280p you can select any of them you need. Then click on save to camera roll to save in gallery. Now check your gallery and watch your video and share it with friends on any platform.

Download FilmoraGO premium version free


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