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Download Shareit latest version 2020 free

Here we are giving the latest version of shareit that is 2020 version. We all want to share things from one device to another. So, there we need an application that offers us this facility. So, we found that shareit is the best way to share data from one device to another.

Download Shareit latest version free


Shareit Specifications
Publisher SHAREit Technologies co.LTD
Version 5.4.8
Size 32 MB
Category Transfer DATA

Why we need to share data? The answer is that sometimes we have two devices and we create a file in one device and we want that it should be in your second device then we share it from one to another. Another option is that we use a USB or a Data cable to copy and paste that specific file. But if you do not have any USB or data cable or you don’t want to use them because using these methods we require much time.

Shareit Android App Free Download 2020

So most easy way is to share using wireless technology. Shareit is the best way to use wireless technology to share data.

Here’s a question, Why shareit?
We are going to show you the qualities why shareit is selected for this purpose?

* Shareit can share a huge amount of data.

* Shareit can share every type of file from one device to another.

* Shareit can transfer photos, videos, and other files in their original dimensions or quality.

* Shareit can share data without using any external source between the two devices like Data cable.

* Shareit uses Bluetooth technology to share files, but it is much faster than Bluetooth.

* Shareit is a free application, you can find it on Play Store or App Store.

* Shareit does not need any data connection to transfer data.

Now let’s discuss the method to share data using SHAREit:

You have to follow these steps.

1- Open the shareit app and create an account offline.

2- Then you have to do the same thing in the other device from where you want to receive or send data.

3- Open the shareit app on both the devices.

4- Now from which device you want to send files select “send” and the send select the files you want to share.

5- At the same time you have to click receive on the other device.

6- Then click the send button to send data.

7- Before click on the send button click receive on other devices so that it will begin to search for senders.

8- The other device will find the sender and the data will begin to share.

9- As the shareit uses Bluetooth technology so it can share data from the distance of 11m.

10- Shareit also uses Wi-Fi and hotspot technology in both devices to share data.

Download SHAREit here

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