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Are you a video editor or want to a good video editor and want to edit your videos yourself and you are looking for a video editor that will run on mobile. If you, then you will be searching for a good video editor which is suitable for your mobile. 

The Free Power director Video editor is given by Zain Tech. This is the premium version and pro version without any logo and watermark. You can download the app free of cost from Zain Tech here.

Power Director Video Editor Premium Version Free Download

Everyone search about top 5 video editors for mobile and you see a list of 5 best video editors that are most common among mobile users. In the list of top 5 video editors, you see a video editor named “Power Director”. Yes, it is a good most common video editor. 

You can edit your videos like a pro in this. If you are a YouTuber and want to edit your videos on mobile then the choice is POWER DIRECTOR is good.

Download Power Director Premium version free

Power Director

Power Director Specifications
Version 6.8.0 b80027
Size 58 MB
Category Video Editing

Power Director Premium without watermark

Power Director when you install it from App Store or play store you find a big watermark on the lower right corner that reveals its identity. If you want to do personal and professional editing for your projects of YouTube or anywhere then it is a very irritating thing for you. 

But if you download it from here you will get a premium version free. There will be no watermark and nothing that is in the normal version. We are unique and providing premium apps free for you here.

Features and Overviews of Power Director

1. Easy to Use:

Power Director is very easy to use. Its interference is very comfortable in view. Its user-friendly video editor. Everything you see will be very brief like opening menu and 1st look when you are going to start, but in this brief and short looking menu there are various advance features of video editing. You find it completely offline. You can do everything very easily like video effects, transitions, trim, and much more.

2. Video Editing:

Power Director is a video editor and specially made for video editing. It is a good choice for only video editing. Power Director is consists of all that features and options that a video editor should and must-have for video editing. Some features are very unique in it like video effects, transitions, and much more features it has.

3. Slideshow:

A video editor is usually made for video editing but Power Director is offering features for slideshows. It does not make simple and dull slideshow. If you know all its features then you can create a beautiful slideshow. There are some conditions for slideshow. If you want to make a pretty good slideshow in your mobile then your video editor must-have features for that like awesome transitions, multilayers supporting, music, and text etc.

Fortunately Power Director is giving all these things in it. You can apply the transition between the images and adjust its duration according to your desire. You can adjust the duration of layers and can make an awesome slideshow.

4. Multilayers Supported:

A unique video editor should be very comfortable to use. So it should have all those features that a video editor needs. Multilayer is a good feature in Power Director. You can write text, set images, and set stickers at the same time. It will allow this because Power Director is a multilayer supporting app. Multilayers make you a perfect video editor. If you need to put text at the same time then you will need two layers to put one text on the 1st layer and second text on the 2nd layer.

5. Transitions:

Power Director is very famous due to its transitions. It has few transitions but they are very unique and interesting. You have seen them in a few YouTube videos. Mostly YouTubers use these transitions to make their video look cool, fast, interesting, and stylish. There are transitions like fade in, fade out, fire transition, and much more here. Transitions are the cause of the popularity of Power Director.

6. High-Quality Render:

After making videos and editing it on your mobile you need to save this video in your storage of mobile. To save this 1st export/render it. Power Director exports your videos in high quality according to the resolution of your video or photos you used in the video. HD and 1080p feature is only allowed in the Premium version of Power Director, so we are giving you premium version free so you can reveal your creativity in HD.

Download Power Director Pro Version Free 


We are providing PRO apps here free for your facility. Search your desire app and download it. If you don’t find your app then tell us in the comment section. We will publish its Premium Version free here.

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