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If you want a racing game with high-quality graphics, small size, and interesting games then we brought it here for you. Beach Buggy is one of the best racing games among the racing games.

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Beach Buggy

Beach Buggy Specifications
Publisher Vector Unit
Version 1.6.5 b192
Size 81 MB
Category Games

Overview and Features of Beach Buggy Game:

Beach Buggy is not a game for kids, it is a very difficult game that is consist of different environment categories. Beach Buggy is full of racing challenges. When you open it and play you really feel lucky that you found Beach Buggy game:.

Drivers in Beach Buggy:

Beach Buggy game is consist of many drivers. Every driver has its unique qualities, for example, 1st driver has a quality that when you are at last during the race and want to be at 1st number the 1st driver will increase the speed of the car like a fire.

Another driver has a quality that it can take off all the cars in your way. If you are at the last number and want to at 1st very easily it will make all cars mad they will choose the wrong path and you will be at 1st simply. And so there are many drivers and all have their own qualities. Remember! This quality can be used once in a race.

Other drivers also have this feature during the race you may fall mad in race and other things. The game is full of racing challenges. When the game starts there are 6 cars on the track to race with you and you are taken at 6th number. 


You have to win the race by taking the 3rd position (1 star), 2nd position (2 stars), 1st position (3 stars). A specific number of stars are required to unlock the next level. You will also need to upgrade your car and driver according to the level of race. There are almost 20 levels in one category and there are many categories you have to cross all to complete the game. Your car and driver should be most upgraded to win the game easily.

Controls :

During race in Beach Buggy, you do not find any difficulty in controls. There are two types of controls in Beach Buggy. 1st by tapping left or right to change the path and 2nd one is by tapping the controls that are fixed in there place. When you play it the features like tilt during the game make you play it more and more. There are daily prizes, and daily upgrade options in-game.
You can take daily spin to take the awards free. You can play the game how you want.

Multiple players:

You can also play this game with your friends by online connection with him via game. You can race with multiple online players of this game. You can also use Bluetooth technology if you want to play it on TV by gaming pad.

You can purchase coins and gems online to buy cars, drivers, and other upgrades. The price of it is only $5.

The purpose of the game is entertainment, fun, and racing experience.

When you play this game you feel like real racing. Real and authentic features make this game most popular among racers.

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