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After Focus is an app that is very popular among mobile users. It is basically a photo editor. Actually, it is something more than just a photo editor. Mobile users have a problem that they shot photos and edit them but they feel difficulty in getting a DSLR Effect.

As we know that mobiles of middle price are normal mobiles. In most of the mobiles, we do not find the DSLR effect. DSLR effect is an effect that blurs the background behind the focused model automatically but in mobile’s cameras, we do not find an effect like this. DSLR effect makes your photo look like a pro and unique. So there is an app used for this purpose is called After Focus. There is also a premium version of this and that is called After Focus pro and we are giving it free to you.

How to get DSLR Effect in After Focus PRO?

There is a very much easy method for that. You just need to download the app from the download link below and install it on your mobile. After opening After Focus PRO you will be asked to allow some permissions. Then select your desire picture on which you want to have DSLR Effect. Then it will show you a simple brief menu.

You need to select the model that you want to be on focus. And then leave. If you want a 50% effect on a part of an image then select it with the tools. Then click on the Next button and it will show you blur options like Motion Blur, Gaussian Blur, and Lens Blur, etc. you need to select any category and choose the intensity of the blur. Then click on save to save your image having DSLR effect.

More Features of After Focus PRO:

In After Focus pro you can edit your photos. For example, you can apply awesome filters individually (separately) on the foreground and background. You can make stickers in After Focus pro. You can ask anything, you can also change the colors of the foreground and background individually within no time.

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Download After Focus PRO version free

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