Top 5 Screen recorders for Android premium versions free download

All APPS we are telling you are premium you have to purchase them for the pro version but if you download from here you will get Pro versions free of cost.

There are various screen recorders you can find on play store or App store when you search only “screen recorder”. But the question is that “Which one is best for you if you want to record the screen of your mobile according to its resolution or in FHD Quality.

There are various Video qualities and video formats like 144p, 240p, 360p, 640p, 720p, 1080p, and 1280p. You want to record the video in full HD quality (1280p, 1080p) then you will try to find the best app. But you cannot check all apps available on the play store.

Here we are telling you about the best 3 screenshot video recorders that record video in awesome quality with good voice recording. This software is great if you want to record screen video and want to voice over.

Let's talk about them and check them by downloading them.


ADV SCREEN RECORDER is one of the best screen recorders on my list. I personally use it for making videos if I am reviewing any app or doing editing etc. This recording app has various qualities. There are two types of ADV. One is free and 2nd one is Premium. Don’t worry both are great. In this app, you can record videos easily. Just tap on the + button and it will show 3.2.1 counting and starts the video. You can stop recording by notification or by magic button. You can go to its settings.

This app is most powerful if you have done its settings at the best level. In Settings set the frame rate (fps) according to your desire like 10,15,25,30,48 or 60. The best one is 60 and you can set as you want.
You can set screen recording resolution to 1080p or if your mobile screen is higher than 1080p then you can select “record according to screen resolution”. Then it will record according to the screen. You have no need to set the dimensions of the screen. It will do everything itself.

In Settings, you can select the bitrate of every video as you want. You can set webcam if you want to record with webcam. You can draw on the screen to point anything on screen during recording. You can also set a watermark in your videos. In short its the best app for voice and screen recording.




In the list, 2nd app that I selected for you is X RECORDER. It has many qualities for middle-class mobiles. ADV SCREEN RECORDER is a recorder for high specifications mobiles. If you have a problem with ADV SCREEN RECORDER then you choose X RECORDER for your mobile. Why X  RECORDER?

Then ans is that it has many qualities than other ordinary apps. It can record videos to 1080p and 60fps. FHD Quality makes your videos look better. In the settings of this app, you can manually select bitrate, resolution, and frame rate (fps).

It is the best recorder for you if you are looking for a recording app other than ADV. You can record easily in this. The pro thing in this app is that you can also edit videos in it. You can do trim, volume changes, and other things in this app. You need to record video and then simply it is in your gallery in mp4 format. You can draw on the screen to mention or point anything during video recording.

Download X RECORDER 


3-AZ Screen Recorder-Live Stream

AZ is a very high recorder. It is used to record videos higher than screen resolution like it can record up to 1920 by 1080 and with 60 frames per second, and with a high bitrate. you can also do live streaming by using this app.

Download AZ Screen Recorder 



Mobizen is a very small app and use to record screens. It is very easy to use it. you do not need to set quality or bitrate. it will do everything itself. when you install it and it adjusts the frame of your screen itself and will be ready in a few seconds. It records very easily just start and stop, and your video is ready. There is a limitation of that app. It has a watermark. You need to purchase it if you want to remove the watermark.

Download Mobizen 


5- DU Screen Recorder

DU Screen Recorder highly suggests an app for screen recording. It is the most famous app used by YouTubers to record their screen. Why people use it? The answer is that it is a lightweight and fast recorder. When you start it you find a short interference and its good. You don’t need to set anything manually in Settings.

You just need to start recording and stop the recording. No need to set screen resolution because it records according to screen resolution in every device.

Download DU Screen Recorder


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